The small village of Alpandeire was, according to available records, founded in 711 AD, making it one of the first Moorish settlements in the highlands around Ronda. The village lies at the foot of the Sierra de Jarastepar range, highest peak 1,425 metres and the area favours the growth of pines, chestnuts, cork oaks and olive trees. Numerous streams such as the Audalaza, Jandaque and La Fuente make flowing water a regular sight around the village, especially during times of abundant rain. The areas of El Pozancón, Los Huertos and Finca de Las Amarillas are particularly attractive and picturesque. Francisco Tomás de San Juan Bautista Márquez Sánchez, otherwise known as Friar Leopoldo of Alpandeire, was born in the village in 1866. He devoted his life to helping the needy.


Area: 31.3 square kilometres Altitude: 700 mtrs above sea level Population: +/- 300 Distance from Nerja: 175 km Driving Time: +/- 2 hour 45 mins Average temperature: 14 degrees Average rainfall: 1,200 litre per square metre Natives: Panditos


Places of Interest

Casa Natal de Fray Leopoldo
Birthplace of Fray Leopoldo, brother of the Order of Capuchin monks.
Dólmenes de Encinas Borrachas
Megalithic burial ground.
Estatua de Fray Leopoldo Antiguo Pósito
The old granary, now the Cultural Centre.
Iglesia de San Antonio de Padua
The church was built in the middle of the XVI Century and later restored during the XVIII Century.

Local Festivals

El Niño del Huerto (Resurrection Sunday) Fiestas de Fray Leopoldo (June 24th) San Roque (August 16th) Virgen del Rosario October 7th)

Local Cuisine

Local specialities include: Conejo al ajillo (rabbit with oil, almonds, wine and bread), Gazpacho (soup and served either hot or cold), Pestiños (pastries) and Rosquillón (pastry).

Local Crafts


Where to Stay

Hotel Restaurante La Casa Grande de Alpandeire Tel: 952180400 Casa Rural "La Casa del Llanete" Tel: 951166057