Balcón de Europa
29780 Nerja
Tel: (0034) 95 252 16 82

Albi Albi, Nerja

Albi is purely a terrace setup, centrally located on the Balcón de Europa and serving a wide variety of food.

Nice place to sit, eat and watch the world go by.


  1. patricia says:

    We’ve eaten here every time we’ve been to nerja, its nothing fancy but low cost, good food and great place to watch the world go by in the centre of nerja, listen to the church bells and birds sing, lookin forward to going back and I already know what I’m having!

  2. Susan Baird says:

    One of my favourite places to sit and people watch. The waitress is run off her feet but still smiling. Best chips ever. love it x

  3. Nic Rowe says:

    Yes Monica, you’re probably quite right – there is an art,i suppose, to dumping a slice of shop – bought cured ham on top of a slice of shop-bought melon.
    Can’t wait for your report on their frozen chips lovey – num num!.

  4. Oh well. How could one small and positive remark provoke that much anger and spite..? It may come as a surprise to you Nic, but even very simple dishes can taste quite differently depending on (mainly) the quality of the ingredients. There are many varietys of ham, some more tender than others, some more rich in flavour, the melon can be more or less juicy and so on…you get the point. Or maybe not.

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