Avenida Meditérraneo
29780 Nerja

Bar Andalucia, Nerja

Bar Andalucia is just a stone´s throw from Torrecilla beach.

There is a courtyard terrace.

  1. Strongly Avoid this place!
    Last night we visited this ‘steakhouse’ with 4 of us. Yes, the drinks are cheap, yes the food is cheap but waiting 1 hour for our meal whilst the was only 1 more other table is a disgrace.
    We all ordered sauces but they never came. I ordered a bake potato with my spare ribs but when this was served I got chips and was told they run out of potatoes. My ribs were impossible to cut and there for totally uneatable. Never again.

  2. d warner says:

    Snap. We went 5th Sept. Fantastic. But the owners were there.
    We went back on 7th what a lot of shit. My boyfriend ordered leg of lamb with chips and salad. I ordered medium /rare fillet steak chips an mushroomss an salad. I firstly got chicken an jacket potato. My boyfriend got we think was frozen lamb an jacket potato an microwaved veg.The chips were changed. Then I received a medium /rare pork chop an jacket potato! When we said it was wrong.the waiter told us it was fillet steak!!My boyfriend went to complain an they argued the toss that it was fillet steak. Absolutely shit. Never again.

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