Bella Roma Balcón de Europa 29780 Nerja Tel: 95 252 27 94 Bella Roma Popular Italian eatery just off the balcón de Europa in the centre of Nerja. There is a reasonable sized terrace in the square.
  1. David Dougan says:

    Good food, very friendly staff and service, good central location. We go back time and time again.

  2. Taylor says:

    Fantastic Pizza! I wish I could get something like it here in Florida!

  3. Brian Suddaby says:

    When in Nerja my wife and I dine here every day.Best place in town for food and hospitality.

  4. william says:

    A great restaurant just off the Balcon, with indoor and outdoor seating. The menu is large and varied, with the Pizza and Pastas being of a high standard. I love the veggy lasagne. The wines on offer are also excellent and have eaten here for many years.
    A Must visit restaurant for anyone on holiday in Nerja, even the locals eat here.

  5. Paul Egan says:

    We have eaten twice here during our weeks stay in Nerja, we tried the Pizza one night and the Pasta next time both were delicious served by nice friendly staff and at a reasonable price.

  6. Gordon Hatton says:

    Excellent food and some very drinkable red wines [never tried the whites]. Friendly staff and good service, although a Friday or Saturday night can be very busy, so be patient. One can understand why this is such a popular restaurant and why people return time after time.

  7. Barbara says:

    It was really nice to find a restaurant that knows how to cook a steak to our liking – rare. Many places asked but cooked it to their liking – usually medium to well done.. Reasonably priced and good service.

  8. Agree. We visited in the high season.

    Genuine italian kitchen with hundreds of dishes. Very good value! Good selection of hand picked wines. Be early if you want to sit outside (before 8.30 pm in summer), or be prepared to wait 10-15 minutes. We went there many times at our stay in Nerja. We tried one of the competing neighbouring italian restaurants, and their food seems to be cooked in the microwave. At Bella Roma all dishes are served hot at the same time for the whole table. Friendly staff, but it’s a bit hectic at times, just as you’d expect at a small excellent restaurant as this.

    • Martyn & Bernie Jones says:

      Just back from a quick week’s break in Nerja and still managed 2 visits at Bella Roma. As always the food is fantastic with quality and quantity top notch. The menu has been revamped since we were there in June with ‘new’ dishes added. In the 6 years we’ve been visiting Bella Roma the restaurant has always come up trumps for great food and service. It always amazes us how they cope when they get busy, but with Fulvio at the helm as maitre’d you’re never forgotten as customers. BAnd if they are busy, you just sit back and let it flow around you. Don’t attempt to rush … it never does the food justice. Back in May 2012!! Have a good winter Tonino!!

  9. Yea, must say the mushroom risotto is the best in Nerja, so far, more smiles and better prices would be good!!

  10. Tine Ejler says:

    If you like this place, then DON’T visit them at new years eve. I’ve been there twice for NYE and the food is really bad. The food is half-frozen, because they have not had time to thaw the food up properly and it is clear that the food is ordered ready-made. It’s not food they have cooked in the kitchen. The staff is not very friendly and it’s really expensive compared to the quality of the food. (It wasn’t my idea to come to this place NYE). I have been there a couple of times in the summer and it’s the same. The staff is not friendly at all (there’s a blond girl looking very angry everytime we are there) and the food is mediocre and NOT a place i can recommend. Im not coming back.

  11. PAUL says:


    • Deborah Iannelli says:

      Buon giorno sono la jefa di BELLA ROMA, vorrei ringraziare il sig. Paul per il cibo buono e vino eccellente, ma vorrei precisare che sono la jefa da 12 anni e che il sig. Fulvio e il responsabile di Bella Roma da piu di 13 anni quindi di nuovo non ce propio nulla!!!!! E riguardo al dire che i miei camerieri si notano maltrattati da dove lo denota? Hanno lividi? Portano bende? Vengono picchiati? Non sembra visto che il mio staff e composto da persone simpatiche, gentili ,educate ecc….. Invito il sig. Paul a tornare nel mio ristorante sara mio ospite e le faro conoscere il nuovo pizero ITALIANO che non ha nulla che invidiare al sig. Rafa andato via da Bella Roma per sua volonta!!!!

  12. MARCELO says:


    • Buon giorno da parte della jefa Deborah e il sig. Fulvio responsabile da 13 anni di BELLA ROMA, vorrei dire al sig. Marcelo se non si vergogna a parlare di COSTA CONCORDIA dove sono morte 32 persone? Lei e un mostro insensibile usare un sito dove si parla di cibo, di un incidente cosi grave, si vergogni? In quanto a salari, e orari di lavoro come mai e cosi informato? Lei e forse il mio commercialista o un dipendente invidioso e geloso? In quanto a RAFA se e stato come dice lei 15 anni in BELLA ROMA significa che veniva trattato molto bene ed il salario eccelente , RAFA e andato via di volonta sua per problemi avuti con una cameriera!!! Ma sono felice altrimenti non avrei il nuovo pizero ITALIANO FANTASTICO, vi apetto con piacere, sono pronta sempre a ricevere critiche e provocazioni, ma rispettando sempre le persone e per di piu i morti, si vergogni di nuovo sig. Marcelo e quando vuole passi a Bella Roma!!!!!!

  13. Barbara Ackers says:

    Good food. Big portions. Had pizza and pasta. A little pricey. Good for special occasions.

  14. Have had two upsetting experiences: last week all four of us were food poisoned and had a hellish 48 hours after the visit. On the previous occasion the staff tried to cheat us with a bill almost twice as expensive as it should have been.

  15. Marcos says:

    Soy cliente de este restaurante desde más 10 años y la comida es siempre excepcional con uno staff muy agradable y simpático que te han de sentir como en tu casa! He visto que hay un Pizzero nuevo además italiano y la verdad he probado la pizza y estaba mucho mejor que antes!!! Hay muchos restaurante italiano en nerja pero para mi Bella Roma es el mejor y único verdadero italiano por esto trabaja mucho más de los demás que dicen que son italiano.En la plaza es el único que esta siempre llenó!!¿PORQUE? Los recomiendo

  16. Bella Roma es desde 2004 nuestro restaurante preferido en Nerja! La comida es super, con mucha selección, los platos autenticos (soy italiana!)) y ademàs el ambiente es genial! No solo un sitio para comer, sino un sitio para quedar y toamar una copita con atmosfera italiana…lo recomiendo!!!

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