Calle Antonio Ferrandis
29780 Nerja


Conect@ is a large internet cafeteria/bar on calle Antonio Ferrandiz.

It has a large, sunny terrace where you can enjoy a Belgian beer or tuck into one of the delicious snacks while you check your mail or surf the net.

  1. Hemos entrado en este bar por lo llamativo de sus precios,el local esta vacío …y llevamos esperando más de45 minutos para que nos pongan unas tristes hamburguesas.
    A las 15 horas q son ,le dicen a unos clientes que la cocina esta cerrada.
    La hija del dueño no hace más que gritar.como una energumena

  2. Eliza says:

    We have had both good and bad experiences of this place. There have been occasions when we have been in the food has been good and the more we went the better the service seemed to get – they certainly treat locals better than tourists. On the other hand the daughter of the owner is moody and spends most of her time arguing with her father in the centre of the bar before stomping off in a tantrum.

    Most recently I attempted to place an order by telephone. I speak OK Spanish but the owner pretended he did not understand me and was unhelpful and obnoxious. In the end I gave in.

    Its a shame because it could be so much more. The pizzas, on the whole at least, are good. Its close to us and very handy but, honestly, it could be a whole lot better with some nice friendly approachable staff rather than the moody ones they currently have.

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