Hostal Regina
Calle Pintada
29780 Nerja

Hostal Regina

Hostal Regina

Not only a hostel and cafeteria, Hostal Regina does some nice tapas too, included in the price of the drinks.

There is also a nice little terrace for sitting and watching the world go by.

  1. steve joseph mcnulty says:

    Beware,i have just come back from Nerja and unbelievably we were robbed TWICE in our 11 day stay.
    Firstly my two daughters and 7 month old baby had just sat down in this bar and by the time they had drunk a bottle of coke they had had their purse stolen from the bag on the pram,they had no money to pay for their drinks so i obviously made my way to them,i was there within 15 minutes,i told the bar manager what had happened and he wouldnt even ring the police for me,i was disgusted with his attitude and he didnt want to know,it appears 2 girls work together as pickpockets in that area and had watched my daughters change money in the exchange about 50 yards up opposite his paltry bar!
    2 days before we were coming home my partner was robbed at the roundabout at the entrance to Capistrano Village,be warned if you are walking and you hear a scooter behind you hold very tightly to your bag,as this guy almost ran her over when she had her 3 year old granddaughter holding her hand,he snatched the bag and almost dragged her over,the child was hysterical at this,two “security guards”,cant believe i called them that,more like laurel & hardy eventually appeared out of a hut 5 yards away,hut size 1metre square.Came out shrugged their shoulders and walked away,i was furious,i demanded the police,they refused for about 15 minutes then caved in to my demands.The police turned up,little they could do,we spent 3 hours in the police station,nobody talks English so you have to pay for an interpretor to communicate.What makes me laugh is they say “oh nothing happens like this in Nerja”,well i dont believe this,i reckon they have a huge problem,look at the blogs of others that have been robbed there.I went there last year and loved the place,my views have changed now,they are the most unhelpful people when these things happen,especially the guy that has THIS BAR!!!!!! Avoid.

    • Very sorry to hear of your misfortune, but it isn’t really fair to slag off the bar because you were unlucky. I’ve had nothing but great experiences at this place in the 20 plus years I’ve been coming to Nerja. Efficient, attentive and polite service here EVERY time. Pickpockets operate all over the world and the best defence is to educate yourself about your surroundings. As lovely as Nerja is, it is not “Paradise” and one must always be vigilant regarding personal belongings in public areas. Also, a few words of Spanish whilst vacationing in Spain can’t be a bad thing.

  2. Joanne kelly says:

    This hostel was a last resort for us to begin, we choose it because it was 4euro cheaper then others in the area, on a tight student budget it made sense at the time. The room looked ok at first, it was rather small but ok. We had cold showers and left. On returning that evening there was medication from another guest had been left in a drawer in the bathroom. The beds were damp, very uncomfortable with springs sticking up and we were unable to move without being woke up by the creeks of the bed! After very little sleep we woke to someone snoring next door, and noises throughout the building, the street was also very busy with bins etc being collected, neither of us got back to sleep after this. When we complained in the morn the waiter was extremely rude and he wouldn’t contact the manager/owner, we

    went to the local tourist office who advised us to go back and ask for the complaint book, we did so and the waiter refused to give it to us, we left and returned later again looking for the book and he ignored us. We returned that eve to speak to the owner who was also in noway helpful.

  3. will weston says:

    my family have visited Nerja 3 times/years & had a great time without any problems; guess vigilance & luck can work; don’t be put off,it can hapen anywhere

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