Hotel/Restaurant Los Arcos
Urb. Nerja Golf
Ctr. Málaga – Almería, Km. 293
29780 Nerja
Tel: (0034) 95 252 66 70

Braseria Iberica, Hotel Los Arcos, Nerja La Brasseria Iberica, Nerja

The Gourmet Tapas Restaurant Braseria Iberica is part of the Hotel Los Arcos, located on the N-340 coastal road out of town at Urbanisation Nerja Golf.

La Brasseria Iberica Los Arcos, Nerja

Varied assortment of gourmet tapas, an outside terrace and ´live´entertainment at least twice a week. Open evenings from 19:00.

  1. Barry says:

    We have been several times to the Braseria Iberica, mainly for special occasions as it is quite formal, and because they have had an extensive traditional menu, and a fine wine list. NO MORE. The food is still very good, but it is now mainly tapas, and now has a wine list of only five wines for each of red/white/’pink’ varieties. This reduction in choice has also been mirrored by the service. The previously effusive and welcoming waiters are now replaced by, in our case, a miserbable waitress and a matching miserable waiter. The only time he grinned was when we pointed out that the white wine had been served in a bucket of warm water. ‘No its not funny – could you please address the problem’ To be fair they did repalce the bottle. Although the food is still very good, I doubt we will be back until there is some change for the better.

  2. Visited for the first time in October, was so impressed we took our friends there the following week. The fod is excellent and the label “tapas” is a misnoma. It is restaurant quality just a smaller portion but more than adequate for normal appetites. We will certainly be back again

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