La Sardina Alegre
calle Cristo
29780 Nerja

La Sardina Alegre, Nerja
Basque cuisine.

  1. Cindy says:

    Have been coming here for a number of years. Hospitality is wonderful. Renovated this year and food even better now that everything is bought and cooked from fresh. Great food, great service – don’t miss this one out!

  2. We ate here last week and they were fairly busy, well it was Valentines Day! Got a table inside no problem.
    Service was friendly and the waitress encouraged our ordering in Spanish, which the kids loved, smiling and correcting our pronuciation.
    Drinks came quickly and the wine was very nice. A small dish of nuts & jelly tots mixed up were put on the table, which were sampled with a curious deight.
    Food was tasty and my husband loved the paella which was obviously made freshly to order with lots of yellow fat rice, juicy prawns etc. The waiter advised my hubby to wait 5 mins to let the flavours come up and also to cool a little, it was roaring.
    We also received a glass of sherry with our bill and the kids some yummy chocolate.
    We would definately come back here again.

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