Los Barriles Calle Carabeo 29780 Nerja Los Barriles, Nerja Los Barriles, the home of the 'fiery sausage', is at the beginning of calle Carabeo and is a really great little tapas bar. Los Barriles, Nerja Los Barriles, Nerja The tables are barrels and you can sit out on the street if you wish on strange little wooden stools. Los Barriles, Nerja Los Barriles, Nerja The bar is run by Rafa, with Mari Carmen taking care of the galley, and the speciality of the house is 'fiery chorizo'. It comes in a small, pig-shaped pot and you cook it on your table (barrel). Deelicious. It's a no-frills bar, but you don't need frills, It's friendly, has great atmosphere and the prices are not bad at all.
  1. Great atmosphere, good wine and tapas. I agree with Wilfred that the Owner is a great character and he likes rugby even better!

  2. dianne allen says:

    Absolutely fantastic gem of a bar . Welcoming atmosphere with a lovely host.

  3. Elaine Davies says:

    Absolutely love this bar – we’re back in Nerja this summer and will certainly be visiting Los Barriles again – several times!!!

    • Have to say it one of my favourite bars -cant pass it on the way home at night without stopping for a drink,will out in nerja again this summer

  4. sandra newman says:

    The very best bar in Nerja and there are many to chose from, it’s our first port of call each year!

  5. Rosemary & John says:

    We have been returning to this Bar for around 6 Years and as soon as we walk through the door Rafa begins to pour our drink and Mari Carmen prepares our Tapas. Outstanding hospitality .

  6. Juan Carlos says:

    Loved the place! Its small and after you are there one time it feels like a home away from home. The owner makes you feel like you are the most important person there. It was the first place we went before dinner and usually the last before we returned to the hote. Have a “Tinto de Verano” and enjoy being in Nerja.

  7. Bettina says:

    The best bar in Nerja!
    You can’t go out at night without stopping for a “Tinto de Verano” (or two or three ;-)) at Los Barilles first… We are already looking for another good reason to go back in again in autumn (Although Nerja offers quite a lot );-)

  8. Debbie, Lincoln & Asia says:

    We love this bar, you only need to go in there once and the owner remembers you and your drink order the next time your there, you get free tapas but the pig inferno sauasage is a must if you visit, great atmosphere and cheap in comparison to other bars!! Recommended..

  9. Buenas a todos,

    Busco el numero de telefono de este bar, alguno de vosotro lo tendria ?


    hi everyone,

    I’m looking for the phone number of this bar, someone has it plz ?

    Thanks !

    • Hi

      By any chance did you receive the telephone number for Los Barriles? I am heading to Nerja in October but dont want to go when it is closed for Feria.


  10. Nerjafan says:

    This is a fab little bar, wonderful atmosphere. We will be in Nerja in May and this will be one of the first places we call. Rafa and Mari are great and yes they really do remember you! We have been going here for years, wouldn’t be a trip to Nerja withou callng in Los Barriles. Always see lots of the same people year after year.

  11. i am looking to source the terracotta pig used for cooking the chorizo.can you contact me on mobile phone no. 00353862708809.
    peter whelan

  12. this is a great bar, tapas really good.We also had quite a few Tinto de verranos here. The pig inferno sausage is so tasty – does anyone know what oil is used in the pig to cook the sausage?

    • Just arrived back from Nerja today! It’s actually pure alchol from a bottle that is burnt in the pig. Rafa showed us when we were in the bar one night. Hope that helps…Adios!

  13. Ken Mallion says:

    Lynn & I will be in Nerja in October for 10 days – the first (and last!) port of call will be to visit Rafa & Marie Carmen. The atmosphere and hospitality make this our favorite bar. It’s a pity that Rafa,being Argentinian, can’t support a decent Rugby team!
    Hasta pronto Amigos.

  14. Patrick Keane says:

    We love this bar. The owner is a great character with photographic memory for faces and drinks. The tapas is the best in Nerja and the atmosphere wonderful. We are going back in May and this bar will be our first port of call and will be for every night we are there

  15. Ken Mallion says:

    Visiting Nerja for 10 days from May 6th – Los Barriles is top of the list of places to go to.
    Ken Mallion

  16. Synnøve Lauritsen says:

    I would like to reserve a table for nine, 24th July at 2100.

  17. David Wilson says:

    Hi Ian,

    I believe that Rafa is opening up again in the middle of Nerja under the same name around this time(late April 2016). From what I remember it will be near to Bar Redondo (Round Bar).


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