Los Cuñaos
Calle Herrera Oria
29780 Nerja

Los Cuñaos, Nerja Los Cuñaos, Nerja

Los Cuñaos, also known locally as the ‘Thru Bar’ for obvious reasons, is run by two brothers and has to be one of the best tapas bars in town. Although the walls are completely covered with football scarves and pennants from every club from Kaiserslautern to Kidderminster, it is not a sports bar.

Los Cuñaos, Nerja Los Cuñaos, Nerja

There is a small, unobtrusive TV in one corner but that is not uncommon in Spanish bars. Most of the time you wouldn’t even notice it was on.

The array of tapas is excellent. Pinchitos, fried aubergines, calamares, Russian salad, albondigas and a dozen other dishes are always available and are included in the price of beer and wine.

Los Cuñaos, Nerja Los Cuñaos, Nerja

The squid-on-a-stick is really succulent…delicious!

Los Cuñaos also do full ‘raciones’ and offer a take away service. There are two small terraces, one on each street, so you can sit in the sun and watch the world go by.

Recommended: Fried Aubergine, Pinchito, Squid-on-a-stick

  1. Klaus and Ursula from Berrlin says:

    We like the combination of a tapas bar and being able to sit down for dinner in the back
    of Los Cuñaos .and we think that the “Argentine connection ” – i.e. Leon from Argentine and the collegue from Argentina have improved the service compared to earlier years

  2. Bonjour .Il est vrai que ce bar est très sympa. L’accueil y est chaleureux et leurs tapas délicieuses. J’y ai passé de bons moments, avec Juan le patron Favi la serveuse, et le cuisinier qui est landais. Je voudrais bien avoir le n° de téléphone de ce bar ci quelqu’un l’avait cela me rendrait service. Merci

  3. Ann Morland says:

    Lovely welcoming tapas bar, friendly staff and great food.
    We will return in October.

  4. Linda Huckerby says:

    Love this bar!!! Juan the owner is so welcoming and great!! and his staff Faby & Leo, gorgeous food, highly recommend pil pil prawns!! Great atmosphere, brilliant Spanish tapas bar!!

  5. Geoff Stevenson says:

    Just returned from Nerja. We discovered this tapas bar by accident during our walk through the Spanish sector. Fantastic place – tapas excellent – grilled fish, meat balls, skewers with chorizo sausage, peppers and tomatoes, squid, pepper salad, manchego cheese, olives etc. All really cheap!
    The best coffee in town. We visited many times and returned one evening for paella(has to be ordered in advance)- delicious. A must to visit – Staff extremely friendly.

  6. Lieutenant says:

    I’m sad…

    It was my favorite place…

    “Gambas al pil-pil” was fantastic…

  7. Danstheman says:

    It is officially re-opened, although under new management. Can’t comment yet on if the football scarves are still up, perhaps someone from Nerjatoday.com can go and investigate this?

    • annie says:

      we had family visit in may and they said it was the same as before.

  8. Papynou says:

    Un nouveau couple de gérants s’occupe de ce bar, mais d’après mes renseignements, il ny auarit pas d’autre changement. J’ai hâte de regoûter aux délicieux tapas de cette maison que je fréquente depuis de nombreuses années (gambas al pill-pill, aubergines, almejas, petits poissons frits, anchois frits…) Rien que du bon.

  9. David says:

    Family went in earlier this month and said was even better than before. I’m there in June….can’t wait!

  10. Nerjafan says:

    Had a bottle of Wine and 7 tapas for 10 euros, wine wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t the worst either. Great little place.

  11. Kath says:

    Went there the other evening for drinks & tapas. Sat outside. Guy started taking in boards & switching off lights at 2230 hours even though there were still customers! Not sure what that was all about and we felt a bit rushed so soon after he had served us, but tapas & wine were good.

  12. Papynou says:

    Plus que 2 semaines à attendre et je serai à Nerja, ensuite je passerai par “Los Cunaos” pour me rendre compte si c’est toujours OK (les gambas al pill-pill, les boquerones, les almejas …) et voir si je peux avoir des nouvelles de l’ancien patron que je connaissais depuis une vingtaine d’années.

  13. Je viens de rentrer de Nerja, j’y ai passé mes rois mois comme d’habitude. Je suis passé par “Los cunados” comme je le fait depuis 20 ans. Désolé, mais je n’y retournerai plus. La nourriture n’était pas mauvaise, mais sans plus. Pour moi il n’y a plus l’ambiance connue avec l’ancien patron et on ne propose plus les vrais tapas. Peut-être une meilleure présentation, mais moins dans l’assiette, cela est en train de devenir petit restaurant sans âme.

  14. marie-luce abarrategui says:

    Nous avons souper, deux fois ds ce restaurant que nous connaissions déjà, en juin et juillet . Chaque fois une très bonne expérience, service généreux et attentive, nourriture excellente, prix très compétitif.
    J’espère que la famille qui a reprit ce commerce sera récompensée de ses efforts par l’adhésion de la clientèle antérieure. Hâte de revoir des matchs sur leur grands écrans.

  15. Alinkson says:

    The best food and tapas and service are in top, every time im in Nerja thats were to go. Good prices good service

  16. Ken and Tess says:

    We go to nerja at least once a year for a holiday and always call at Los Cunaos. On our last day there in June 2012, we had lunch there while we were killing time waiting for the bus to the airport. The young girl there and the chef could not have been more friendly or generous if they trid. They stored our luggage out of the way for us and even though we only ordered a main course, they bought us out a very generous plate of jamon serrano, and also a complimentary fresh fruit salad after our main course-delicious and refreshing! The young couple there don’t have as fluent english as some of the town centre bars but I will always remember their kindness and warm, generous welcome.
    Their tapas are very tasty by the way! will be there in Jan ’13 for my birthday and will definately be paying another visit!

  17. Open again! Very tasty tapas mostly of precooked dishes. Gentleman behind bar very welcoming and friendly. Seats at bar, as well as tables & chairs inside & outside. Cana 1,50 and tubo 1,70.

  18. Pauline, John, jean,Barry says:

    New owners at Los cunard, we were there in November. Good choice of tapas father and son are very welcoming .we wish them every success. We will definitely be regular customers next year

  19. Biertolt Brecht says:

    Now run by a nice German family. Tasty and non-traditional tapas were delicious. Friendly atmosphere. Check them out!

  20. john williams says:

    One of the best tapas in town can be found at Mariposa.An excellent array of over 14 different tapas a re on offer along with very good house Rioja.Friendly service and incredible quality at very reasonable prices.I cannot recommend this bar enough.

      • He’s just a harmless confused person, who can’t even spell the bar (no ‘u’ in Mariposa) that he is reviewing on the Los Cunaos page…..Lord Baldrington MBE, real name ? you’re not the Richard Bailey that shouts/types in UPPERCASE and likes us all to know he’s a Member of the Bloody Elite (MBE) for some unknown reason, are you ?

  21. The Knight Commander says:

    Sad to report that Los Cuñaos is closed again. I really liked the most recent incarnation. Friendly people in a relaxed atmosphere. Unusual tapas, too. I hope these guys surface someplace else in town.

    • Sad to here this met Hoover for thefirst time over winter in Nerja he and his son were really friendly and tapa really good. Locals very friendly also.

          • He introduced himself as ‘Hoover not Dyson’ to us. Though was quite funny to find a German with a sense of humour.

          • Very sorry It’s closed, Exellent place, I’ve heard that Uwe has a new bar, Bar Munich, Anyone know anything about it?

  22. francois MICLO says:

    es posible ver el partido All-black Francia Sábado, 17 de octubre tiene 21h ?

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