Los Cuñaos
Calle Herrera Oria
29780 Nerja

Los Cuñaos, Nerja Los Cuñaos, Nerja

Los Cuñaos, also known locally as the ‘Thru Bar’ for obvious reasons, is run by two brothers and has to be one of the best tapas bars in town. Although the walls are completely covered with football scarves and pennants from every club from Kaiserslautern to Kidderminster, it is not a sports bar.

Los Cuñaos, Nerja Los Cuñaos, Nerja

There is a small, unobtrusive TV in one corner but that is not uncommon in Spanish bars. Most of the time you wouldn’t even notice it was on.

The array of tapas is excellent. Pinchitos, fried aubergines, calamares, Russian salad, albondigas and a dozen other dishes are always available and are included in the price of beer and wine.

Los Cuñaos, Nerja Los Cuñaos, Nerja

The squid-on-a-stick is really succulent…delicious!

Los Cuñaos also do full ‘raciones’ and offer a take away service. There are two small terraces, one on each street, so you can sit in the sun and watch the world go by.

Recommended: Fried Aubergine, Pinchito, Squid-on-a-stick