Maria Bonita
Plaza de los Cangrejos
29780 Nerja

Maria Bonita Maria Bonita, Nerja

Excellent restaurant on Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos. Good food, service and friendly atmosphere. Large terrace with views of the square and the sea.

Maria Bonita, Nerja

I found the service very good, the size of the meals extraordinary, the food well cooked and well presented and overall a great experience. I chose Entrecote a la Pimienta – Steak in Pepper Sauce – and it was served with couscous, chips, a large skewer of veggies – green, yellow and red peppers, mushrooms, aubergine – some grated carrot, red cabbage and a warm blackberry! Nice touch.

Lovely pepper sauce, nice bite to it, and quite an eclectic mix of accompaniments. Absolutely delicious and, because of the size of the portions, extremely filling.

Maria Bonita, Nerja Maria Bonita, Nerja

Maria Bonita, Nerja

  1. Jackie Wyeth says:

    We ate here twice during our stay in Nerja and had wonderful meals on both occasions. It stand out in the Plaza for its subtle decor, look for the orange table clothes. The service was excellent with very friendly staff and the food was top class. My husband had fillet steak on the first visit and I had Sea Bream, both were to Cordon Blue standard. The second visit I had grilled calamare and it is the best I have ever had. The chef is a wonderful lady who quite often would come round to check everyone was happy with their meals. The prices were no more expensive than any of the surrounding restaurants which really surprised us as the qualify was far superior. Well worth a visit…..

  2. hannah says:

    it is quite new, and already one of the best. finally a restaurant with wonderful salads (and not just iceberg lettuce!) and real smoothies and fantastic cocktails. the fried brie and the cajun chicken are wonderful. prices simmilar to the unimaginative cafeterias in the area. good decor, and very good music (but not too loud). ended up being our regular.

  3. I ate here for the first time this August. I would’nt go there again.I waited over an hour for my drink,even after reminding the waiter 3 TIMES! I EVENTUALLY got my meal,this being after others, who had come in AFTER me being served first! I felt i was being ignored because i was on my own. As i said before,wouldn’t go there again.

  4. Tom Riley says:

    Had a number of meals in this place over the last year or two and i think it’s probably the best value for quality in Nerja at the moment.

  5. Good restaurant, but a few issues.

    We had poor service here today, the young lady (slim and black hair) serving us was very rude and impatient when taking orders.

    My wife had food poisoning here once, with undercooked Tuna. Apart from this, the meals are very good; the use of fruit and vegetables is unique in Nerja. This is certainly one of the best restaurants in Nerja and the price is excellent. 45 euros for a meal for two, with starters and drinks and coffees.

    If your Tuna looks under-done, tell them!

  6. NewRooksFan says:

    Tuna is best raw, or rare in the middle – it’s horrid when cooked through!

  7. >Tuna is best raw

    Don’t talk like a prat, raw tuna is one of the most common food poisoning foods. Just google it online and see the health advice.

    • Tom Riley says:

      Whilst I wouldn’t advise eating tuna raw it does only require searing like a good steak. If cooked through it becomes grey, tough and quite unpleasant. Have been eating at this restaurant since it opened and it is a firm favourite.

  8. My wife and I had a most enjoyable dinner there in April last year, but an hour or so later we both went down with what we think was food poisoning. We were returning to the UK early the following morning and had to travel with the unpleasant symptoms.

  9. Andrew Stenner says:

    This must be the best place to eat in Nerja. It offers excellent value for money. The quality of the food on offer here is first class. Food presentation amazing. The selection and choice is to suit most diners. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Remember they are dealing with a varried nationality of customers. We have been dinning here for 18months now and have never had anything else than quality well presented food. If your in Nerja on holidays this is the one restaurant you must dine at. Be prepared to wait for a table at peak times this is fastly becoming the place to eat. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of food you are presented with. There is nothing on the menu that we haven’t yet eaten that cant be described as truely mouth watering. This is the one place you must try during any visit to Nerja. As already stated in another review the chef is a very nice lady who is happy to chat with the diners in the restaurant. We can only recommend you come and try, you will not go away disappointed. In our opinion The Best Place To Eat

  10. Found the food quite outstanding! (No 38 on the menu.) Possibly the best meal we have ever had in Nerja. Excellent service as well. Absolutely nothing to complain about. We will go there again soon.

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