Restaurante Oliva
calle Pintada 7
29780 Nerja
Tel: (0034) 95 252 29 88

Restaurante Oliva, Nerja Restaurante Oliva, Nerja

The Oliva is situated in one of the new passageways on calle Pintada.

Restaurante Oliva

Mediterranean cuisine. Here is a menu screenshot to give you an idea of what is on offer.

Restaurante Oliva, Nerja, Menu

  1. Haydn Blackey says:

    What a fantastic place, we have been coming to Nerja for 11 years now and always enjoy the quality of the food. Our first visit to Olivia last week won’t be our last. Beautiful, innovative modern Spanish food served in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Well worth paying the little extra for the superb service and high quality food.

  2. repurban says:

    A very good restaurant with a fantastic kitchen. We visited Oliva a few weeks ago for the first but not the last time. Excellent service and wine. Considering the quality of the food the price is not high.

  3. nerjafan says:

    What a great place, the food, the service, everything is fabulous! Good idea to book as it is always very busy, can’t wait to eat there again next time we are in Nerja.

  4. Excellent food but greatly overpriced. For the equivalent of 1 steak I can have 3 menu’s of day at vinuela restaurants. Drinks also too expensive. Holiday makers want good food but are not prepared to pay these prices more than once.

  5. Paco Cereto says:

    They´ve changed the telephone number. The new telephone number is 952522988

  6. Mark Cotton says:

    This restaurant along with Bakus are probably the two finest dining establishments in town. I prefer the overall dining experience at Bakus but would say Oliva’s food is of a higher standard….not the sort of place to bring young kids to though…this is quite a sophisticated joint!

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