Calle Puerta del Mar
29780 Nerja

Portofino, Nerja Portofino, Nerja

Restaurante Portofino is situated just off the Balcón de Europa in the centre of town.

Portofino, Nerja

Excellent food and a great balcony overlooking Calahonda beach.

  1. Pauline says:

    Visited this restaurant many times over the years and always had lovely meals with excellent service. On our return to Nerja this year after a gap of a couple of years were really looking forward to another special meal in Portofino. What a disappointment!!! Only a couple of tables were occupied, but when we asked to be seated on balcony would only be given table beside inside wall, although there were at least five unoccupied unreserved tables on balcony. When we enquired we were told very rudely that those tables were for parties of four and we were only two!!! We left them all their empty tables for four and discovered California where we were warmly welcomed and had many beautiful meals during our holiday.

  2. Fabulous position overlooking Calahonda beach in the heart of Nerja, but you can’t always get the tables that give you this perspective. Food a little more pricey than neighbouring cafes but has some interesting options such as an excellent goat’s cheese salad. Sadly, and as with the Papagayo cafe on the beach below – which is connected through owners/operators/family – we personally find a general ‘customers are an inconvenience’ attitude which is difficult to understand when these two wonderfully located assets should be an invitation to great establishments and print money. Or maybe that’s the explanation!

  3. found it difficult to find a decent restaurant in Nerja. We were delighted when we stumbled upon Portofino as there seemed to be a nice atmosphere on the rooftop terrace the waitress spoke very fast in a strong English accent and gave the impression that she was totally dissinterested ” If the meal comes with chips it means we have no potato left ” was her quotation to everbody. I ordered spring lamb priced at Euro 15.50. I received 2 leg bones one was totally devoid of meat the other was full of grizzle. I can honestly say it was outragous if this happened in Ireland I would complain to the management however youre wasting your time voicing your concerns in Spain . they’re not interested and rather than causing a sceneI said nothing, However the power of the internet has given me the opportunity to voice my genuine concern. one positive observation the head waiter/ manager was very friendly towards the customers he was dealing with. I think he should teach the rest of the staff his fine customer service skills.

  4. patricia says:

    won’t be back you’re so cramped in the balcony you cannot have a proper conversation as yoy can hear everyone elves, the food was nice but not a great atmosphere, ill be looking for alternatives on our next trip

  5. I personally love Portofino – it’s my little place to go on my own with a paper or magazine and just sit looking down at the beach in peace and quiet, completely chilled out. Perhaps I have always been at quieter times, but I have never had a problem with it.

  6. Janice says:

    Visited in June as I love the position however we wanted to sit in the shade as it was very hot and despite several vacant tables for four we were turned away. This has happened to us before and we were trying to give the place a second chance alas they were not for turning so adios.

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