Round Bar
Calle Gloria
29780 Nerja

Round Bar Round Bar, Nerja, tapa

The Round Bar is located on calle Gloria in the centre of Nerja and the bar is, as the name suggests, round.

A wide variety of tapas on offer, excellent place.

Being in the centre of town, it attracts a lot of tourists and gets quite busy at times.

 Round Bar, Nerja

Round Bar, Nerja Round Bar, Nerja

  1. Nail Deniz says:

    While the sangria was nice, the service was absolutely rubbish, we waited a long time for the tapas to arrive… this is not acceptable. In a tapas bar you should get the tapa before the drink is gone!

  2. we go to nerja for a week every year in april and always go to the round bar every day were there,and found everything excellent

  3. Mike Coulson says:

    We always holiday in Nerja (every year for over 20 years), the round bar was one of our early memories of Nerja and still gets a vote…………recommended

  4. christine says:

    Enjoyed it most in the late 80,s &90,s not the same now Vince,danni have gone ,still good to go in for tapa.Remember when joaquin,alberto worked.

  5. I agree that this place was much better in the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s. Now I find it a bit pricey and the service VERY indifferent. There are many more places in town where your custom will be more appreciated. I no longer stop in 🙁

  6. Danstheman says:

    Used to like it a few years ago, last couple of times we went in it was quiet yet still extremely slow & poor service. Needless to say we didnt get offered tapas, even though we were the only people in there, and the food was out in the trays under the lights ready. Experience now tells me they only tend to offer this to locals they know, its very cliquey.

  7. Mark & Anne says:

    Enjoyed Round Bar this time around as much as ever. True some of the service can be a bit patchy and we did sometimes have to ask for our tapa but the Round Bar still has a pretty good buzz! Check out Paco on Monday & Thursday nights playing some Spanish classics.

  8. JohnnyJarce says:

    The bar was very quiet when I called in, so didn’t have to wait to be served. Included tapa was very nice, caña was 1.80 euro including a tapa. Will be on my tapa route from now on.

  9. Bar Redondo is always our first port of call when arriving in Nerja.
    I’ve not had trouble getting served, and I’m sure they always ask if we want tapas. (Maybe I don’t give them the chance, as I tell them what we would like anyway – two glasses of rose and one of those, and one of those please)!
    The last time we were there (31 Dec) it had changed. The seating had been completely rearanged, and the wine and tapas were presented differently, althought the quality (and value) remained the same.

  10. Sally & David says:

    Just returned from 2 weeks in Nerja. We understand the bar is under new management. The atmosphere has therefore changed. Our regular ‘local’ when in Nerja (several times per year) for many years so have seen staff come and go. Placido,Paco, Fernando and Lola in 2009/2010 will forever be our firm favourites and many a good night had with them. Newest team of Mario and Ruben equally good fun and tapa selection and quality remains high. Service patchy on this last visit but busy nights and fewer staff the probable cause. Recent refurbishment has obviously had a positive impact on the popularity of the bar. Euro 2012 final night was electric!!!!

  11. markthereviewer says:

    As someone who has lived here for 8 years and frequented redonda on numerous occasions it never ceases to amaze me how bad redonda is getting!! the beer is far to expensive, you get treated like a tourist always (apologies to tourists) which means poor customer service, only sometimes offered a tapa, bar staff are pretty rude and tend to ignore you for as long as possible and then to add insult to injury when you get your bill you will inevitably find drinks on there that you never had!! This has now happened to myself and friends on several separate occasions and NONE of us will ever go back. A huge dissapointment as i have been coming here every year for over 40 years. My advice is go to bar picoteo round the corner( the one with the barrells outside) sure the beer is still expensive, but customer service is great and the tapas are the best in nerja! if you must go to redonda, please remember to check your bill carefully! UPDATE, the prices we found on our receipt didnt match the price board outside the bar, we were charged more..obviously!! we are not even going to bother to go back to point this out..its just not worth the hassle. please keep an eye out for this on your own bills.

    • Thanks for this posting. Been in here twice in the last year or so and not been offered a tapas. Will frequent other bars.

  12. J Millage says:

    This is a great place with friendly service a a good variety of tapa which is free with your drink.

  13. Katrina says:

    If you just ask for a glass of house wine they put it in a little tumbler rather than a wine glass, whilst everyone else has a proper wine glass. This seems a strange custom, and I wonder if it is to show you up as a cheapskate?!

  14. Vin Crockwell says:

    Another good tapas bar in Nerja which is well worth a visit. It has an award for the best tortilla in 2012. Right next to El Pulguilla as well.

  15. Just wanted to update the reviews as we often visit here. It has become one of our favourites and we make sure we arrive a little earlier than usual to get a nice seat at the bar as it is always busy. The staff (Mario, Pablo and all) are wonderfully friendly and entertaining and the tapas range and quality is outstanding. If you feel like something special order the tapas for 4 euros that has apple, foie gras and goats cheese- amazing!

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