Sevillano II
Calle Chaparil
29780 Nerja
Tel: 95 252 58 06

Sevillano II Sevillano, Nerja

There are two Sevillano bar/restaurants and one Sevillano Bistro in Nerja, this particular one is on calle Chaparil, not far from Torrecilla beach.

The bar area is actualled screened off from the dining area, not a bad thing, and gives it a sort of cosy or intimate atmosphere.

There are a lot of tapas on offer, some quite different from what you might consider the ‘normal’ fayre, but what makes Sevillano stand out is the size of the portions! I’ve seen smaller meals! Two tapas and you’re full!

The tapas are available in the entire bar area, be it at the bar itself or at one of the tables, as well as outside on the street terrace.

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sevillanob Sevillano, Nerja

  1. Tom Riley says:

    This is an extraordinary place – the tapas are huge and fabulous. I’ve even been given free beer with my free tapas!!! Needless to say it gets very busy so get there early.

  2. Nail Deniz says:

    Biggest tapas I’ve ever seen in any tapas bar in Nerja!!! Price is good, considering the size of the tapas

  3. John Coop says:

    What a great place. Beer excellent, tapas excellent, staff very friendly and create a very good atmosphere. Sevillano 11 is always well attended which helps creat a good buzz. I read the previous review re food. How does he know where he got his bug. I experienced no similar problem after 4/5 visits and will certainy go again on my next visit to Nerja. GR8

  4. repurban says:

    This place have good tapas and raciones, but think twice before you order anything from their regular menu. Far to many dishes for a place where the tapas are the big thing.

    I ordered an entrecôte, poco hecho, with blackpepper sauce. The sauce was very thin with hardly any pepper taste. The enrtecôte was overcooked, more like medium instead of rear, the taste was OK.

    My wife ordered a brucheta de solomillo de cerdo. This was a really catastrophy. The meat was dry and the reason for that must be that they had cooked the meat twice. Which means they must have reused old meat already cooked and heated again. It is obvious they knew about this as they did not charge us anything for it without a fuzz.

    It is very clear to me that they do not hesitate to treat foreigners and tourists like shit in this place so this will be a place to avoid in the future. There are so many good restaurants in Nerja where you are welcomed and treated as a guest so why go to this place and be humiliated.

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head! What a lot of readers on this website don’t understand is that there are a small number of places in Nerja that could care less if you as a “guiri” ever set foot in their establishment. Bad economy or not, some places in town cater ONLY to Spanish locals. Sad but true…

  5. mick kirwan says:

    let me say straight away the tapas and drinks are excellent value for money
    but this place can be a shambles for a first-timer…..
    1 the tapas are on display on two different counters both of which are surrounded by customers
    which prevents you from seeing or ordering what you want
    2 there is no description (or price) to let you know what the contents are
    3 when you do give the order the ‘waiter’/’barman’ just says nothing gives you the drinks and walks off
    and you have no idea what is going on
    4 after several visits to the counter this jerk grunts something about bringing your order to a table
    5 eventually the food arrives like a jumbo landing on your table – he almost throws it from a distance
    6 the high stool seating is like sitting on a ski slope

    pity because the atmosphere is good and the overall offering good
    so why spoil it
    will try it again now that we are experienced

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