Acapulco Playa

Acapulco Playa

Acapulco Playa is a centrally located apartment block on calle Málaga, only a couple of minutes walk from the centre of town (Balcón de Europa).

There are numerous shops, restaurants and bars right on the doorstep.

The complex has a communal pool and garden area.

One side of the building overlooks calle Málaga, the other overlooks the sea and it is only a couple of minutes walk to Torrecilla beach.

Down by the beach, in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos, you also have quite a few bars and restaurants. There is also a play area for children and in the summer, a trampoline is installed in the square and activities take place every evening with something for all age groups.

Calle Málaga, although open to traffic, is not a through road and therefore does not get too busy or noisy.

[googlemap lat=”36.74388786112699″ lng=”-3.8791823387145996″ width=”600px” height=”400px” zoom=”16″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]Acapulco Playa[/googlemap]

Acapulco Playa