Málaga prostitute denounces friends

A Málaga prostitute has denounced two of her workmates after they demanded ‘rent’ from her for working in the Guadalhorce industrial estate.

The 26 year old prostitute, a Rumanian national, plies her trade on the Guadalhorce industrial estate. Two of her companions, also Rumanian nationals, then demanded €350 ‘rent’ per month from her and when she refused, they forcibly took money and jewellery.

The woman then made her denuncia to the police and moved to another area of the industrial estate to continue her work. When she saw a police car patrolling the area, she stopped them and showed them the denuncia, demanding that they took some action. And they did.

The police set off in search of the other two individuals and, once they located them, took them to the local station and charged them with robbery with violence.

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