Renovation of calle Poeta Manuel Alcántara in Rincón de la Victoria

Nine bids have been received by the Rincón de la Victoria Council for works to be carried out on calle Poeta Manuel Alcántara.

The project, funded by the Mediación ICO-Turismo, has a budget of €435,000 and a completion period of six months. The Council will now study the bids.

The project includes renovating and widening the pavement, installation of storm water drains, general irrigation, drinking water fountains, telephone and electrical cables, improvements to street lighting and the installation of various bits of street furniture, such as benches and bins.

Calle Poeta Manuel Alcántara runs north-south between Camino Viejo de Vélez and avenida del Mediterráneo, and is a particularly busy area in the summer due to its proximity to the beach.

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