It’s in the wrong place, Grommit

elchucho4apr23Residents of the apartment blocks Arce 1 and Arce 2 in calle Mérida have made a series of claims and complaints against the construction work being carried out to build the new promenade at El Chucho beach.

Denuncias have also been made to the Guardia Civil concerning the legality of the works.

The construction work is being carried out by the Department of Coasts, an agency of the Ministry of Environment, and this is the department responsible for trying to eliminate the traditional beachfront chiringuitos for encroaching upon the public domain.

The residents of the apartment blocks allege that the new promenade is being built in the wrong place and is actually in the maritime-terrestrial public domain. This, the protesters claim, is being done to avoid having to demolish illegal buildings constructed in the area.

There are, apparently, judgements against the Hotel Perla Marina for the demolition of at least part of their terrace and the swimming pool. Investigations are being carried out to see if there have been further infringements regarding adjacent plots of land.

The protesters have compiled dossiers, complete with photos, and have also commissioned a survey of the area.

If this assertion by the residents of the Arce apartments is correct, it raises one or two issues.

If there are judgements against the hotel for ‘irregularities’ relating to the maritime-terrestrial borders, surely the Department of Coasts, of all agencies, would have been aware of this. And surely, bearing in mind the controversy surrounding the ‘chiringuito’ issue. they would be the first to make sure everything was legal and above board before starting such a project.

Why wait until such a late stage in proceedings before complaining about the situation, just a short time before the project is due to be completed. Not that it looks, at the moment, like it will be finished on time, although you never know.

Will this result in a (long) delay, leaving yet another major project unfinished?

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