Woman arrested for robbing a pensioner

A woman was arrested by Local Police officers and charged with stealing €600 from a local pensioner.

The old lady had collected her pension money and taken it home in her bag when a woman of gypsy origin came knocking at her door. The method of theft was a variation on the well-known theme.

Popping a pen into the pensioner’s bag and realising there was something of value in there, the gypsy woman produced another pen and popped that one into the bag as well, using it as the means to extract the cash.

After she left, the pensioner discovered that the money was gone  and got her son to call the police. A police patrol car intercepted a vehicle occupied by four women whose actions aroused suspicion. Upon being asked where they were from, they could not supply a coherent answer. After being taken to the police station, one of the women admitted to stealing money from the pensioner and was arrested.

The detainee, a 52 year old native of Jaén, was the only one of the four women without a prior criminal record. The pensioner was reunited with most of her money.

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