Three year old makes his own way home from school

Consternation at a school in Sevilla after a three year old boy suddenly turned up at home, unescorted, when he should have been in the school cafeteria.

Those children remaining in school for lunch are supposed to be collected from the classroom at 13:45 and escorted by a monitor, a teacher, to the cafeteria. On this occasion, the parents were somewhat surprised to see their son arrive home, unescorted, at 14:45, a journey which involved crossing roads on three occasions.

Letters have been sent to the Ombudsman, Provincial Education Delegation, the Town Hall and the teacher concerned, Natalia Albanes, requesting an explanation.

Although the distance involved was not great, only about 600 metres, the youngster did have to cross the road on three occasions, a definite safety concern. There is also the underlying problem that, at no time, did anyone notice that the child was not where he was supposed to be. Or even where he was at all.

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