Collision leads to violent assault

A total of five people aged between 16 years and 26 years have been arrested in Huelva and charged in connection with the stabbing of a Senegalese man, the cause of the dispute being an earlier, minor traffic incident.

On July 25th, a minor collision took place on Avenida José Fariñas involving one of the accused, JLVC, and the Senegalese man.

Unable to resolve the situation or agree on exactly what happened, the Local Police were called to try and sort it out.

Later that day, JLVC went to the home of the Senegalese man and ordered him to come out onto the street where he then stabbed him in the back. Several other people then joined in, beating the victim with iron bars and various other weapons.

Finally, the assailants grabbed the victims wallet, containing €360, and fled. The assailants have now all been detained and charged with attempted murder, assault and robbery.

Two of the detainees have been remanded in custody, the rest have been released on bail.

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