Changes to Balcón de Carabeo Car Park rules

Between April 1st and October 21st it is no longer possible for residents to purchase the cheap rate subscriptions for the Balcon de Carabeo Car Park situated in Los Huertos de Carabeo (feria ground), although existing subcribers are able to renew their passes.

New subscriptions for residents living in the immediate area can now only be purchased in November and December each year. Residents in the rest of Nerja can no longer purchase the cheap rate subscriptions but existing subscribers are permitted to renew their passes. During the rest of the year, residents will have to pay the normal tariffs.

People working in the immediate area can only apply for passes from November to June each year, although existing subscribers can renew at any time of the year.

  1. You can never depend on the rules for this car park as they just keep on changing them. Anyone taking the risk of driving all the way from UK should take this into account if they need to be able to park in this part of Nerja. What may have been the rules when you left the UK could be ancient history by the time you arrive in Nerja, no matter how fast you drive!

    Best not to bother now. Not worth the worry.

  2. Janice Saxon says:

    We have been holidaying in Nerja for more than 25 years and have just returned from our last visit. The problem with parking is now more critical than ever this once vibrant, bubbling town is being bypassed by visitors due to a lack of affordable parking. Can the authorities not see the impact that this is having on peoples lives, by this I mean residents and business owners. We watch motorists drive to the Los Huertos car park only to see them drive back again once they see the price for a few hours parking. We have heard many different stories regarding the ownership of the Los Huertos car park the latest being that it is owned by a group of bankers from Madrid who wish to build apartments on the land and that the council will not allow it. The council may not own the land but they must have the power to do something before the town and many of it’s businesses, who rely on tourism, fails badly. I assume , don’t know if correct, that the council pay a hefty rent for the use during the Feria so they should have some clout. I feel passionate about this because I love the town, the people and the life style and can just see it being ruined.

  3. Nigel says:

    Totally agree with these comments. Those at the Town Hall seem to be burying their heads in the sand, and allowing the death knell to toll for Nerja. Whether you drive to Nerja, or fly and rent a car, it is becoming impossible to park especially in the east of the town. Yet there is a huge empty space that is crying out to be used, given fairer charges. Foreign owners who live for 6 months in Nerja have no rights, or concessions, even though they pay taxes for the full year, are registered to vote, and probably spend more in the local economy.

  4. Tony Slade says:

    I have heard rumours that the pricing for the Carabeo car park is to be simplified. There will be minimum fee of 1€ which will pay for 17.64 minutes. Where there is an “r” in the month, there will be a reduction of 11.82% but where there is an “e” in the month, there will be an increase of 21.37%. In view of this simplified version, no change will be given and only exact money will be accepted. If you live on Calle Los Huertos, there is a reduction of 3.011%. If you work in the Town Hall in an administrative/political capacity (e.g. as Mayor), you can park free so that yu don’t notice the confusion that regular visitors experience.
    I notice that the owners are described as “bankers from Madrid” – I assume that this has been spelt correctly.

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