PSOE asking for end to paid parking in Los Huertos de Carabeo

The opposition PSOE is asking the PP government to put an end to the paid parking in Los Huertos de Carabeo, saying that the tariffs are ‘unfair’, especially considering that two days before the last municipal elections the Mayor of Nerja announced that parking for residents would only be €7 per month.

Not sure anyone with a brain cell would expect any announcement made two days before an election to continue for more than a short period after the election results are confirmed.

  1. Nigel says:

    Many people have stopped using the car park and will not risk driving to Nerja as street parking is impossible. I heard of a holidaymaker who tried to park on the street recently but had no alternative than to use the car park. He was charged 25 euros for overnight parking.

    Obviously the current charges are prohibitive if needing a couple of weeks parking, or more.

  2. Rennie says:

    Lack of parking in Nerja is a huge problem. If this area is done away with visitors will just stay away leaving the restaurants and shops with fewer customers. Charge if you must but reduce the cost and get more people to use is and I am sure the owners would be much better off.
    The residents round about must be sick of visitors parking all around the street at their doors.

  3. Gordon Falcus says:

    Anyone can see how underused the car park is now compared to before exorbitant rates for parking were introduced. It is also evident by the vastly reduced number of people using the shops, bars, cafes and restaurants in town. I am surprised the Traders in town do not get together and try to force the issue with the Council and the car park operators.
    Most people we talk to would be happy to pay for parking but at a more reasonable rate, eg a fixed rate of 1 or 2 euros per session , ie morning, afternoon or evening. I am positive you would find the car park full again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bang on the nail Gordon.

      If the company wishes to maximise revenue, they need to start reducing the prices until the car park is full again.

      It’s not rocket science!

  4. David says:

    Holiday time is now approaching and as a non resident with a holiday home in San Juan de Capistrano we bring the car into town at night because the bus service stops so early . Parking in high season is a nightmare and we have no option to use the car park , like many others including retail owners the prices seem to be increasing all the time , eventually tourists will just stop coming to Nerja and much needed income will be lost for the local community unless common sense car park pricing is introduced.

  5. Wilfred says:

    Get all dog ownners in Nerja to use the car park charge them as well at least it will keep the streets nice and clean !!
    Was in Nerja couple weeks ago dog mess on every street come on Nerja council or whoever clean up your act the Police were moving the beggers off the streets i say let them shoot the b—- dogs !!

    • Alan Richardson says:

      I totally agree that dog excrement on footpaths is totally disgusting and Nerja must do something about it with urgency.
      If there are as many unemployed people as we are led to believe, why don’t they get them to go around town with bin bags clearing up this disgusting mess. Pay them by the kilo!!
      Or, alternatively enforce on the spot fines to selfish dog walkers.
      Also why all do the rubbish/recycling areas appear to be chic-a-bloc at the moment. With all this overflowing, smelling old food etc. it is encouraging scavenging dogs.

  6. Tony Slade says:

    Surely the shop owners etc could negotiate a process similar to that used in some English shopping centres. If you spend money (for example a minimum of 10 Euros) you have your car park ticket validated and then get free parking say, for 3 hours.

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