Thieves steal €6,600 from elderly woman

A man and woman have been arrested in Lora del Río for robbing an 82 year old woman of her bank book and withdrawing money from her account on nineteen occasions to a total of €6,600.

The woman went to the Guardia Civil to report that money was being taken from her account almost on a daily basis but did not know whether her bank book had been lost or stolen. Unfortunately, the woman kept the account password with her bank book.

An investigation discovered that money had been taken on nineteen occasions from two banks, one in Sevilla and one in Lora del Río. Security cameras showed two people hiding their faces as they withdrew money but police were able to identify them and carry out an arrest.

The detainees are 30 year old E.J.V.P. and 49 year old L.M.S.

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