Body of one of three missing people found in A Frouxeira

The body has been found this morning of one of three members of a family who were swept out to sea after being hit by waves near the lighthouse in A Frouxeira, A Coruña.

The three people were swept out to sea on Monday as huge waves battered the coast. The recovered body is that of 50-year-old Juan Bedoya, a bitcher from O Canto do Muro in Meirás. Still missing are his 25-year-old daughter and his brother-in-law.

Another youth who was with the family at the time of the incident managed to avoid being swept out to sea and is now recovering in hospital.

The family and other friends gathered near the lighthouse to scatter the ashes of a family member who had died a few days earlier, despite a red alert being in effect for waves of up to twelve metres.

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