Police monitoring social networks to track unauthorised parties at New Year

Local Police in Málaga province, in cooperation with Investigation and Protection Group (GIP) and Regional Police have been monitoring social networks since mid-November to identify venues where unauthorised New Year parties are being organised.

Police have been monitoring Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tuenti and Google+ in their efforts to locate parties and have listed seven events as ‘of police interest’. Four of the events are being organised in bars and three in rented rooms where catering is possible.

Others have been trying to prove that their events are authorised or are private affairs. There are numerous administrative hoops to be negotiated for such parties to be ‘authorised’.

An application must be made and the promoter must provide a licence for such an event, an emergency plan if the capacity of the premises is over 500 people, liability insurance and numerous other documents.

The submitted document then has to be checked before being passed on to the Fire Department. The next step is the adoption, if appropriate, of a decree authorising the activity subject to prior inspection of the premises by municipal technicians, the Local Police and Fire Brigade.

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