Alfarnate is close to a mountain pass known as Los Alazores, a natural link between the provinces of Málaga and Granada, and in the past was the stopover point on the only road from the coast to the interior.

The Antigua Venta de Alfarnate, an old inn, was an important staging post for travellers and played host from everyone from Royal (such as King Alphonso XIII) to Rogue (such as the bandit ‘El Tempranillo‘).


Area: 34 square kilometres
Altitude: 925 mtrs above sea level
Population: +/- 1,500
Distance from Nerja: 67 km
Driving Time: +/- 1 hour 15 minutes


Places of Interest

The 14th century Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Ana

The 16th century Ermita de la Virgen de Monsalud

Archaeological remains from the mid Palaeolithic period found on the terraces of the Palancar and

Morales streams and in the village centre.

The late 16th century Town Hall

Antigua Venta de Alfarnate, a 17th century inn built on the site of an old 12th century tavern which was an important stopover point for the old coaches travelling from the coast to the interior.

Museo del Bandolerismo Jose Maria Hinojosa, “El Tempranillo

Local Cuisine

Local specialities include: Embutidos (cured meats), Migas (fried breadcrumbs with meat), Sopas Cachorreñas (soup made with cod, dried red peppers, croutons, baked garlic and vinegar), Morrete de Setas (a mushroom dish), Horchata (a drink made from crushed almonds, water and sugar), Catana, (a thick soup made from bread, cured ham, hard boiled eggs, tuna, tomatoes, oil and salt), Choto Frito (fried kid), Gachas (a flour and milk custard with sugar and cinnamon). Resoli, made from brandy liqueur and boiling hot coffee, is the local tipple.

Local Festivals

Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos (September 12th – 16th) – the village divides into two rival factions and perform a drama in which the Christians fight to recover a statue of the Virgin previously stolen by the Moors.

Fiesta de San Isidro (May 15th) – A fiesta and romería in honour of St Isidore.

Fiesta de la Candelaria (February) – Candlemas celebration with bonfires and a procession.

Romería de San Marcos (April 25th) – An important village tradition with people travelling to Venta Seca to munch hornazos (sweet buns filled with hard boiled egg) and kid.

Useful Info

Town Hall
Tel: 952759028

Museo del Bandolerismo
Tel: 952759388

Where to Stay

San José
St. San José, 1
Telephone: 670615047
E-mail: [email protected]

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