El Borge was one of the ‘Cuatro Villas’ – the Four Villages – along with Almachar, Cutar and Comares and belongs to the Axarquia district of Andalucía. Very little is actually known about the early history of this village, although it did play a part in the Morisco rebellion after the Christian re-conquest.

It is famous for its Moscatel grapes – and wine – and a festival, ‘Dia de la Pasa’ is held in the village each September.

One of the more infamous characters connected to El Borge is the bandit ‘El Bizco de El Borge’ who, in 1880, held in check the Guardia Civil in the area and caused them much grief and many casualties. To the authorities, El Bizco was a cruel and heartless villain, but to the local population, through embellished storytelling and legend, he is considered a bit of a generous benefactor. Such is the nature of legends.


Area: 24 square kilometres
Altitude: 237 mtrs above sea level
Population: +/- 1,100
Distance from Nerja: 39 km
Driving Time: +/- 40 mins


Places of Interest

16th century Iglesia del Rosario, founded in 1505 and considered a good example of Gothic-Renaissance architecture.

Parque Ornitológico (calle Málaga)

Barrio Mudejar

Fuente del Cuerno

Arco El Borge

Arco de la Pasa

La Fuente de la Vendimia

Local Cuisine

Local specialities include: Ajoblanco de almendras (a sort of Gazpacho without the tomato but with almonds and served with grapes), Tortilla de bacalao (fish omelette served with cane honey), Gazpacho con pepino y tomate (chilled tomato soup). Muscatel wine is the local tipple.

Local Festivals

Carnival (February)

Semana Santa

San Marcos (April)

Romeria de San Isidro (May 15th)

Noche de San Juan (June)

Dia de la Pasa (September)

Where to Stay

Hotel Posado del Bandolera
calle Cristo 1
29718 El Borge
Tel: 952519450

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