Calle Cristo
29780 Nerja

DB's DB’s

Sports bar with big screen showing all major sporting events. There is a pool table and food is also available.

There is a beer garden at the back and a small street terrace at the front.

  1. norval says:

    It’s brilliant, what’s the matter with you…..what a beer garden! best in the world. Good quiz as well, nearly won once.

    • Lovely beer garden but usually empty so no atmosphere.

      Bar area dark and also usually empty unless sport on TV.


  2. jerry says:

    Its fine, for what it is. Calling it dreadful ia bit much, it doesnt pretend to be anything other than a sports bar aimed mainly at toursit Brits. If thats not your thing then dont go in it but dont be a snob about it.

  3. Wasn’t made to feel welcome here at all , Brit bar? as long as youre not scottish that is, …

    • John Chairfear says:

      Widely known in Nerja as one of the most unfriendly bars in town. How they’ve stayed in business so long is a mystery. Flimsy plastic chairs.

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