El Pulguilla
Calle Cristo
29780 Nerja

El Pulguilla El Pulguilla, Nerja

El Pulguilla is a very popular and invariably busy tapas bar located in calle Cristo in the centre of town.

Despite being generally very busy, the service is very good and the tapas are excellent. There is a wide range of meat and fish tapas available and you would be hard pressed to find anywhere better.

The ‘bacalao’ (cod) tapa and the sauce…divine.

El Pulguilla, Nerja El Pulguilla, Nerja

El Pulguilla, Nerja

There is a large terrace at the back, great if you have kids (also great if you don’t!) and full meals are also served.

Tapas are only free with drinks when at the bar, not outside on the terrace.


  1. This is by far my favourite tapas bar in Nerja. If you stand in the bar the atmosphere is fantastic, if a bit manic! The lemon dogfish is my favourite dish, other well recommended dishes include, prawns in batter, mussels and whitebait. I have been here time and time again and have no complaints! Yummy!

  2. Bacardi Girl says:

    El Pulguilla is a great place for tapas.
    As soon as you settle in, the staff are right there to take your order, with each drink you’ll be offered a tapas.
    No sooner than you look around at the mix of locals and expats’ your drinks and tapas will arrive.
    Delicious and such a wide variety of tapas to choose from. As at 01/11/09 a beer or wine is only €1.60 and the tapas is complimentary.
    Language is not a problem as all the staff try to help and laugh a lot.
    Great value for money and we’ll be back.

  3. Absolutely the best place in Nerja for tapas. I moved here 6 years ago and the guys are the same as then – on the ball, friendly, efficient. The food is fab. I’ve spent many happy evenings here.

  4. Jayne Hinchliffe says:

    In Nerja for a week, had two fantastic meals here in the large decked restaurant area. Service was amazing and friendly, on both occasions the food was by far the best we had all week. There was an lovely atmosphere, a real buzz about the place. The cool garden at the back was a bit of a haven in 36 degrees. Strongly recommend you pay El Pulguilla.

  5. sean blackmore says:

    We ate here in August with 6 adults and 6 children. The food was fantastic with very fast service. Well worth a visit.

  6. Mark & Anne says:

    Think we popped in almost every night of our holiday. The atmosphere is great and pretty manic when it gets busy at the weekends! This just adds to the fun of course. Great seafood tapas served up by hard working but really helpful staff.

  7. fan blooming tastic, love the atmosphere, love the food, love everything about the place.

  8. ian stables says:

    have been coming to nerja for 6 10 years and wouldent holiday anywher else.This is the best tapas bar in town.Our kids play with the local kids whilst we adults gorge on the excellent tapas esp the baby squid!!!!Looking forward to returning in july

    • Have to agree that, not only is Nerja the only place to stay on the Costa Del Sol, but El Pulguilla is probably the best Tapas bar in town.

  9. Vin Crockwell says:

    Just returned from Nerja and this was the best tapas bar we visited for fish. the prawns, squid, sardines and clams were beautiful and we called in each of the four days we were there as it was that good. About 1.80 a drink with free tapa – don’t miss this bar.

  10. John Campion says:

    If you visit Nerja make sure you eat here.The food is great, the sevice from Fernando and the rest of the staff are second to none.My wife uses a wheelchair and we had no trouble at all. A must visit.

    • It is the one place in town that is worthy of all the positive comments written about it, as they are actually true. We have been frequenting El Pulguilla for years and it never disappoints us.

  11. Mark Davies says:

    My local!! I’ve loved this place from the first time I set foot inside. Fernando Torres’s double works there!!!

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