José Cruz
Burriana Beach
29780 Nerja

Jose Cruz, Nerja Jose Cruz, Nerja

Nice, spacious restaurant right on the promenade at Burriana beach.

Jose Cruz, Nerja paella, Jose Cruz

  1. This is my favourite merendero! The food is fantastic and well priced. I have been going there for many years now and have got to know the staff, (and them me!). Every year i go back, they ALWAYS remember what i drink and they tell me! The main man, Ramon, is lovely and welcoming and HIS main man, Salva, is great too.
    I would recommend Jose Cruz to everyone.

  2. Isabel martinez says:

    Agosto 2010: comida en la playa . Las raciones son abundantes pero el servicio deja mucho q desear entre algunos
    camareros. No pidan la paella
    de la carta por 6€ , posiblemente sea la peor q he comido en mi vida. Además pedimos una ración de mejillones q estaban en mal estado, caro para lo q comimos
    de verdad la
    paella horrorosa!!!por favor si no saben hacer paellas aprendan es muy fácil ,pero no timen al turismo y menos al espańol.

  3. Lunch at Merendero José Cruz on Burriana beach today, so just had to try their paella having already sampled those at Ayo’s and La Barca on a number of occasions.

    There is always a great debate as to who produces the best paella and many seem to judge, at least in part, based on how many ‘bits’ are in the dish. So, there were 15 prawns/shrimps (although it must be said that a fair number were minute to say the very least), 2 large mussels, 2 cockles, 4 pieces of chicken plus bits of calamares etc.

    Nice atmosphere in José Cruz, very good service, a tapas while you wait for the food (which isn’t long) the paella was hot and tasty and at €6.50 for a portion you can’t really complain.

  4. Sally and Geoff boulton says:

    We have been going to Nerja for 19 years and we like the lady above love going to this merendero every year they remember who you are and make you very welcome. Food is excellent both at lunchtime for a snack or for your main meal on an evening. We will be there on Saturday night 29th September can’t wait.

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