La Barca
Burriana Beach
29780 Nerja

La Barca, Nerja La Barca, Nerja

Probably one of the best paellas in town, plenty of content and tasty. Certainly one of my own personal favourites.

Spacious, good place to watch the world go by and very good service.

‘I love a good paella and have tried several places in the area. Some, I must say, were disappointing, but a couple have been excellent. The first was at La Barca on Burriana beach. Large portions, full of good quality ingredients and reasonably priced at €5.75. The second was at the other end of town on Playazo beach at Chringuito El Breine. Again, good quality ingredients, nicely cooked in a huge pan outside on the terrace area. Both are definitely worth another visit.’
Bob and Ellie


  1. We allways come back here for the nice fresh fishdishes, paella’s, almejas etc. Good qualty food, good and friendly service. Eating many paellas in different places I believe they serve a better paella than the overrated Ajo paellas. Never had a bad meal at La Barca

  2. Cocx e Caroline says:

    Grandes fdias con todos ustedes amigos en Nerja con el Feria.
    Nosotros carolien e yo tratamos de vivir de Maastricht Holanda.


  3. nerjafan says:

    Always sit on the beach by la barca the staff are great and so is the food. Always a freindly welcome, be back in Nerja in March and will be calling in for a bite to eat

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