La Biznaga (Toboso)
Balcón de Europa
29780 Nerja

La Biznaga, Nerja La Biznaga, Nerja

Spacious inside, good sized terrace outside and located right on the Balcón de Europa, you couldn’t get more central than that.

A very good selection of tapas and a good place to sit and enjoy the sun.

La Biznaga, Nerja

The tapas are not included in the price of the drinks.

  1. JohnnyJarce says:

    No idea what the tapas are like. Called in one lunchtime. Terrible, uninterested staff, will need to try harder in these difficult times. No wonder place was dead. Needs a manager who wants to serve customers. Avoid!

  2. Rob Pethers says:

    I agree with Johnny. They have a prime location so visitors to Nerja find this tapas bar without having to look too hard. Equally, Biznaga receive a steady stream of customers without having to look too hard. I have had tapas in here many times and find the food no worse than other bars in Nerja. The Spanish tend not to use it though. That must mean something!? There are many other tapas bars here that are much better. As for service, I have received both wonderful and terrible. It depends on the mood of the waiter. Considering it’s part of the Toboso Hotel, it could do with a good shake up.

  3. Went there one evening for tapas, and we were looking at what was on offer under the glass on the counter. This seemed to upset the staff who bullied us into sitting down & reading about it on the menu!

  4. The 4 of us were in here last week and we were the only ones (apart from the 2 staff behind the counter) in there despite the plaza outside heaving with people that sunny lunchtime.
    Selection of tapas was Euro 1 each dish, the chicken livers in sherry & onions, which was Tapa of the Day was lovely.
    We chose sausage in a wine sauce as well as the meatballs in tomato sauce, the latter being one meatball and 4 chips, alioli potatoes, tortilla and squid salad.
    No one else came into the bar until we were leaving and even then it was one guy on his own. We saw many people look in, see it was empty & leave.
    I’m sure it will pick up in the Summer due to the warmer nights as it didnt appear to open in the evening all the week we were in Nerja.

  5. jerome smith says:

    i have been to nerja at least 4 or 5 times a year for the last 15 years i have never meet such indifferent service.
    i will not name names but one waitress was terrible ignored even when asked she said wait i will be back. she never came.
    i will never set foot in this place again.
    the day before i had a meal and the waitress eva (i will name her) was excellent twice as many tables to deal and she managed no problem
    food was ok but the staff need there p45
    nerja has far better avoid at all costs

  6. Tigger says:

    The waitress mentioned in the first comment must work round the corner in Cochrans also! A very ignorant young lady who sfter a couple of tries lost them our custom every lunchtime from the beach.

  7. Mooie locatie, maar vreselijk arrogant personeel, slechte tapas,vies sanitair wat kennelijk dagen niet wordt schoongemaakt, terras plakt, persoon achter bar doet bedreigend enz enz.. bar gaat hopelijk snel failliet !!! GA ER NIET HEEN … DO NOT GO THERE pls !!

  8. Went inside Biznaga for drink & tapas. Only customer inside, although there were a few outside. We were going to order wine, but the waitress just brought a couple of canas and banged them on the table in front of us. Tapas was nice, but we had to ask 3 times for the bill, waiting each time as we thought that they were preparing it. There were 3 waitresses, mostly standing around chatting and seemed to be ignoring us. Eventually got the bill. Will not be returning.

  9. Karen Elwell says:

    My husband and I have never had any problems there and we have always enjoyed the food. I agree that tapas are pretty much the same no matter where you go but the prices also differ considerably too. If it’s good food at reasonable prices then I don’t think that you can go too wrong there. Just don’t expect anyone to rush. The Spanish don’t lie to be rushed, no matter if you’re in a bank a shop or a restaurant. Just chill, relax and enjoy.

    • Roger says:

      We never expect anyone to rush in Spain, and we are usually impressed with how hard they work, and how efficient they are too, on the whole.

      The staff in Biznaga simply have an attitude problem and do not treat customers well.

      It is a pity as I do agree that the bar, the location, and the tapas, are excellent.

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