La Braseria
Calle Cristo
29780 Nerja

La Brasseria is located on calle Cristo, at the junction with calle Gloria and is owned by the people from Paco Mari.

La Braseria, Nerja

Serves a variety of food and has a sizeable street terrace.

  1. Excellent food, very good menu and service.We believe the various wonderful meat dishes are the best in Nerja.Francisco the owner, a lovely young man,who takes great pride in his restaurant, is always changing his exciting menus.

  2. repurban says:

    Normally one of the best restaurants in Nerja. Good menu and service. We go there for the fantastic meat and no exception yesterday regarding the meat. But the sauces. We tried three different sauces of which none where acceptable. We have been coming here since the restaurant opened and never experinced a bad meal but yesterday was a disappointment. The Sauce Bearnaise, a classic French sauce, was not correctly made. The only similarity was the tarragon, the rest was made up by the chef and was not edible. The boletus mushroom sauce was sweet as a desert and could not be eaten. The nicest thing to say about the pepper sauce was that it contained at least pepper. This has been one of our favourite restaurants for some years now but yesterday was disturbing.

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