La Capilla del Mar
Calle la Cruz 16
29780 Nerja
Tel: (0034) 95 252 19 93
Email: [email protected]

La Capilla del Mar La Capilla del Mar, Nerja

La Capilla del Mar, one of the oldest bars in town, is centrally located in calle la Cruz, just off calle Pintada, one of the main shopping streets in Nerja, and since August 2011 is owned by the Berger family.

It is said that the restaurant got it’s name a long time ago when fishermen wanted to have a drink and told their wives that they were going to the chapel. Instead they sneaked away to the small bar and restaurant, La Capilla.

La Capilla del Mar comprises a bar area, where you can enjoy a nice beer and a tapa, two interior dining areas, a covered outdoor area and an open garden/patio with its own bar.

La Capilla del Mar, Nerja La Capilla del Mar, Nerja

La Capilla del Mar, Nerja La Capilla del Mar, Nerja

La Capilla del Mar, Nerja La Capilla del Mar, Nerja

La Capilla del Mar, Nerja La Capilla del Mar, Nerja

Our Menu

Chèvre Chaud
Gratinated goats cheese served on toast, with a fresh salad and beetroots.Topped with walnuts and honey.
6,50 €

Gambas Pil Pil
Served in hot oil with garlic, red chili and parsley.
8 €

Tapas Platter
Spanish delicacies served on a plank.
9 €

Creme Ninon
Green pea soup, topped with cava. Served with a small shrimp sandwich.
6,50 €

Råraka – Swedish potato cake
Pan fried potato cake, served with roe, red onion, creme fraiche and dill.
6,50 €

Rack of Lamb with Rosemary Potatoes
Served with broad beans, chorizo and a tomato- and paprika sauce
18 €

Sea Bass with Vermouth Sauce
Served with mashed potatoes and fresh broccoli, topped with chives.
14 €

Duck Breast with Mushroom Risotto
With a goat cheese gratinated beetroot and balsamico sauce.
17 €

Beef with Chili Bearnaise
Served with french fries, baked tomato and a red wine sauce.
15 €

Fried Brook Trout with Herb Sauce
Served with grilled vegetables and boiled potatoes.
14 €

Swedish Meatballs
Served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumber.
9,50 €

Risotto al Verde
A vegetarian risotto with asparagus and mushrooms.
9,50 €

Napoleon Pastry with Pineapple
Served with coconut ice cream and a sour vanilla sauce.
6 €

Cheesecake with Passionfruit
Cheesekake passionfruit and white chocolate, topped with roasted coconut.
6,50 €

Cooked Pears
Pears cooked with vanilla and cinnamon.
Served with chocolate mousse and cranberry sauce.
6 €

Vanilla- and Chocolate Ice Cream
Served with a berry compote.
5 €

Chocolate Truffle
2 €

  1. Carol and Gordon says:

    Great atmosphere and tuna toasties are bueno! Enjoyed watching the first week of the World Cup – Viva Espana!

    Jose and Eva make you feel so welcome.

  2. Carol and Gordon says:

    We came here regularly over Easter when the new owners had taken over. The food and welcome are still as good as ever – can’t wait to go back in September.

  3. Carol and Gordon says:

    We went to Capilla 4 or 5 times in September and had a lovely warm welcome from the new Swedish owners. We had the steak toastados with chips washed down with an excellent Rioja. It was mouth wateringly delicious and excellent value for money. We will be back next year without a doubt.

  4. Carol says:

    Best food in Nerja and the music night on Fridays is fabulous – can’t wait to come again in Sept.

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