Little Italy
Calle Carabeo
29780 Nerja

Little Italy Little Italy, Nerja

Popular little ‘value for money’ pizzeria in calle Carabeo, not far from the Balcón de Europa. There is a small street terrace.

  1. marion and adrian says:

    we came here a few times during our holiday, because of the great deal of two large pizzas and a bottle of wine for a tenner , didnt expect much at first for that price but it was a very enjoyable meal , great pizzas and nice staff, very central so good for people watching from the outside tables as we enjoyed our meal, well done,

  2. We went to Nerja October 2009, our first trip to spain as a family. We ate in a number of places throughout our stay and didn’t drop on this gem until the last week. The food here is excellent and is very reasonably priced. The staff are great, beer and wines also good. it gets busy but is definately worth the wait. So good in fact we’ve just booked to come back October 2010…

  3. Peter Thomas says:

    Not much from the outside,then you reailse there is a small dining room at the back.Supurb food,lovely staff and better value than any of the set meal deals in town.You will go back,as we did,several times.

  4. Een 10 ! Klein en authentiek. Heerlijk, gul en goedkoop. Bijzonder vriendelijk personeel. We komen er graag.
    Tip: voorgerecht, de knoflookpizza

  5. Caroll says:

    The food and service is very good. Much cheaper than other Italian restaurants around the town. The portions are enormous, so great if you have a good appetite!

  6. My most favorite little Italian in Nerja. Nice staff. Great quality food for half the price compared to most other places. Never had a bad meal.

  7. repurban says:

    If you know what Italian cooking can be DO NOT go here. This is a bad excuse for a restaurant. The only reason for going here is the low pricing, nothing else. Red wine served at 30° C is not acceptable. You should not have to ask for a cooler for the wine.
    Maybe the pizzas are OK, but the pastas not. We ordered one ravioli that was eatable and one 3 cheeses spaghetti which was a disaster. The first plate we had to send back to the kitchen due to the fact that there were no cheese in the 3 cheeses sauce at all. Only cooked cream with no taste of cheese, not even a hint of saltiness in the sauce. We gave them a second chance but the result was still not up standards even for a low budget restaurant like this. The spaghetti was more or less swimming in half cooked cream, still with no trace of cheese. If I had cooked anything like it I would have been ashamed ti serve it to a customer.
    The only excuse for going to this restaurant is the low price. If you are interested in good dining and good cooking this a place to avoid.

    • This is a Pizza place, get real, its good and cheap what do want, wake up. The waiters are fanny tastic

      • repurban says:

        It is cheap and disgusting. If a pizza place why do their menu contain pasta dishes and more?

  8. This restaurant service incredible food, really and warm food.
    We have been going here the past few years and there standards of food are getting higher and higher.
    Their pizza are really large and so filling (this is a good thing)
    Their pasta dishes are really tastie and ful of flavour.
    I would recommend this restrauant to anyone who want to eat great food at low low prices 🙂
    The staff are really lovely people and make you feel so welcoming, they aren’t like the usal staff you get that just seem like they have to be there, they want to be their and make your evening great and enjoyable.

  9. Rosemary says:

    This is our second home! We love the place.
    Anybody with negative comments must have an agenda!.
    We recommend it to all our friends. A+++++

  10. Pedro says:

    Been here quite a few times, always very good, not an extensive menu but what they do is excellent! Staff are great and the beer is cold. Try it and see bet you’re not dissapointed!!

  11. Non-Spanish says:

    We have visited this restaurant tonight and it was so horrible that I had to write a review straight away!
    The service was slow, we were ignored and the local Spanish speaking customers were served first. It took an hour to make one pizza. The pizza was raw and chewy. We were so tired of waiting and hungry that we just ate and left. We weren’t waiting another hour for another pizza. The only good thing was the price. €4 for an inedible pizza. The resaurant next door La Dama was amazing. The waiters were friendly and helpful! The food was cheap and delicious!!!

    • OAPIS Day says:

      I am guessing you may have expected “silver service” for a 4€ pizza. Cheap is as Cheap does.

  12. Andrew Stenner says:

    We have been told about Little Italy for a few years, but have only tried it this year. ( what a shame we haven’t been before ) All we can say is within the last three visits to Nerja we have eaten here twice every time. The food is amazing for the price you pay. Service is good but it does get very busy and sometimes you may have a delay. in the years we have walked past it has always been very busy and we can now understand why! We have tried a wide range of meals from the menu and nothing has been disappointing. Truly very tasteful food and prices that are unbelievable. All we can say is Oh My God when you get the bill for two starters, two main meals plus drinks and get change from €20. Try it you will not go away disappointed. On our last visit clients were waiting for tables and we can understand, Good Service, Fab Food and Prices you’ll be amazed by. Our Advice, one for you to try..


  14. Gillian amy nichola says:

    Omg we love this place.Second home 🙂 went for a two week holiday and ate there EVERY night. Super hot staff Niko,Abel,Danny,Andreas,Evan 😉 and gorgeous pizza!Not to mention the Salami its Yummy 😛

  15. Cheap as chips but you get what you pay for! A big wadge of indegestible dough with a small smear of piazz topping on it. At busy times, if you are sitting outside, you will also have to put up with being glaerd at by the drooling faces in the crush of people that passes for a queue and which blocks Carabeo to passers-by. Queues inevitably attract buskers – Nerja’s equivalent of flies in most cases – so be prepared to be serenaded not only by the jabbering of the queue but by the cacophony served up by singers, guitarists and others who (usually and sadly) have had little more than a passing acquaintance with pitching a note. That said, Little Italy does not pretend to be anything other than what it is – a very low budget option for people who either want or need the lowest common denominator. It is not its fault if it is popular!

    • repurban says:

      I am amazed by all positive comments on this place. I have been there once and I warn people to go there. What do people normally eat when they can raise this little joint to heaven? Amazing!

      • WingMan says:

        I totally agree. It’s a sad commentary on the type of tourist now frequenting Nerja.

        • Gordon Blair says:

          How dare you ! What right do you have to make such a disparaging remark ? Are you the sole arbiter of taste ? I am a frequent visitor to Nerja and have had more good meals in Little Italy than any other restaurant in the area. And it’s not only tourists who eat here.But whether you like this restaurant or not your comment shows an unhealthy conceit for other people which shames you.

          • Nerja Lover says:

            Another Little Italy devotee here. We enjoy the jolly atmosphere, the tasty and very reasonable food. In fact it was an ex-pat who informed us about the restaurant. I do hope Nerja won’t start to get snobbish and picky tourists… they can always go to Marbella, further down the coast, if that’s what they want!

  16. Danstheman says:

    Wingman wrote: ‘I totally agree. It’s a sad commentary on the type of tourist now frequenting Nerja.’

    Ah, you mean…people who work hard and save what money they can to get away on holiday with their family, and then use whatever little free spending money they have left to feed said family? Would you prefer it if Nerja had NO tourists, that way all restaurants and shops could close?? Hey what a great idea that is….

  17. Avoid! We had maybe the worst pizza ever in this restaurant. Almost unbelievably bad. Plus the tables were dirty, the interior worn and shabby, the staff was not very friendly or even interested in their guests.The whole experience was actually quite horrible.
    Next door is another Italian restaurant, the wonderful La Dama with just as low prices and roughly the same menu. An indefinitely better choice!

  18. I do agree with Monica, La Dama is much better, owned and run by the ex chef of little Italy!!

  19. Cannot understand some of the comments on here. You get tasty, filling food at less than €5 and although it is small and cramped and you have to wait in the busy times, and it is not 5* and it is frequented by buskers etc etc. It is a good place to soak up some ‘street’ atmosphere for next to nothing cost. Just go and enjoy it.

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