Los Bilbainos
Calle Alejandro Bueno 8
29780 Nerja

Los Bilbainos Los Bilbainos, Nerja

Los Bilbainos, also referred to locally as ‘The Commie Bar’, is a very Spanish bar with a ‘rough and ready’ look and feel about it which can be a daunting prospect for some people. Just go in and you’ll find it has a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

They always have a good selection of tapas and they also serve local wines out of the barrel if that takes your fancy. There is Málaga (sweet), Competa (dry, medium & sweet), Frigiliana (sweet), Pedro Jimenez (sweet) and Arenas (dry & medium) to choose from. The Arenas ‘medium’, served chilled, is excellent.

The tapas are included in the price of the drinks.

Los Bilbainos, Nerja Los Bilbainos, Nerja

Los Bilbainos, Nerja Los Bilbainos, Nerja


  1. Walked past this bar several times, slightly intimidated!!! But wouldn’t miss a few visits per holiday now! Full of local people, who are friendly and always acknowledge you. The poor barman always seems to be run ragged keeping everyone served with drinks and nice tapas with every drink. Always sport or a western movie on! Very good value, so get in there!

  2. Ann Morland says:

    Warm and welcoming authentic local tapas bar, I went on several occasions with my husband and other family members. Good selection of wine in barrels and a variety of tapas. Manolo the barman deserves a medal, he never stops working hard, yet remains a true gentleman. Go and experience the real deal, we did!! We wish him well, the family from Liverpool.

  3. my favourite, not quite as good since the smoking ban, standing on the street !!!! but still best bar in Nerja

  4. Anne McMahon says:

    Always enjoy a visit here, it is an original, getting locked in the bathroom is fun, and the barman was to the rescue in a flash, as the street is being redone out side it will sure have more visitors, not many of these type of places left any place in the costa nowadays, enjoy it while it lasts, super cheap, nice tapas. a good place to finish off a tapas run, and they don’t speak english, the barman does a great job by him self, a local hang out, unique interior that remains untouched, do visit.

  5. Manolo and Aurelio always provide me with a warm welcome as do the proper working class locals who frequent this bar as I do most nights I’m in Nerja. A proper gem and the like of which there are not many left. Un Litro de Pedro por favor

  6. Roger Ackroyd says:

    Lived in Nerja for a couple of years around 2004. This was the first of my favourite Spanish bars I ‘discovered’ and often frequented.
    Los Bilbainos is a typically Spanish, family owned locals bar, but don’t be in any way discouraged, you can expect a warm and very polite welcome here.
    I would always sit at the bar, but should you care for a table, one of the brothers will swiftly attend. Prices are locals prices and the tapas are/were free.
    Have met many an interesting visitor and expat from all corners of Europe, especially during big football/sporting events. I just liked the atmosphere of the place anytime.
    ‘Commie Bar’ comes from it’s history tracing back to the Spanish Civil War. There are exhibits dating back to the war and the following years of opposition to the Franco dictatorship. Look out for these.

  7. Like others on here, we make this one of regular haunts every time we visit Nerja. Love the scruffy atmosphere and, as already mentioned, the welcome is always friendly. Love the place.

  8. will weston says:

    lovely traditional(my type of)bar.we (2 couples) visited several times, good tapas & wine; funniest moment was my mates wife challenging all-comers (old codgers) to dominoes, & beating them!!
    not for kids

  9. John Walker says:

    We (three couples) visited this establishment last April (2014), hoping to start a tapas trail. We were served politely enough but any “friendly welcome”, “warm atmosphere” etc was reserved for the locals. Not a sniff of a complimentary tapas. If you’re a tourist, avoid this place.

    • Not true, great place, is full of old Spanish men. We always get tapas. It is not a tourist place but if you are pleasant to them them they are more than pleasant to you. Helps if you try to speak a little Spanish as they don’t really speak English.

    • Regular VIsitor says:

      Have to disagree with John Walker, been regular customers for several years, always asked if we would like tapas with our drinks. A friendly welcome is not just for locals . We last visited in November 2014. We will be back in March 2015 always assured of a warm welcome.

    • FeatherHG says:

      Definitely not true!!! The first time I decided I would try it I was with a friend. There wasn’t much room left inside and two of the elderly men moved along a bench so that we could sit down. We were given tapas with each drink. Like many others on here,it quickly became one of our favourites.

  10. Never had a problem. Occasionally, as happens in quite a few bars, you may have to ask for a tapa. Asking for a tapa is normal practice in some bars and is in no way considered impolite. Great little bar.

  11. hugo a go go says:

    Fantastic little LOCAL bar. There are many other places in town where staff will fall all over the tourists. If you need that kind of propping up, stay home or go to Butlins.

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