Merendero Ayo
Burriana Beach
29780 Nerja

Merendero Ayo Ayo, Nerja

Francisco Ortega Olalla ‘Ayo’, an almost legendary character in Nerja, has been making his world famous paellas the same way since he opened his restaurant in 1969.

Ayo’s is always popular, particularly in the summer season, and it has a great atmosphere. Be prepared to have to wait a few minutes for a table during peak times.

Paella cooked in a huge dish on the barbecue.

Frequent Flamenco Shows.

‘The restaurant at the end of the Playa Burriana is called AYO and for me after 16years of going to Nerja and seeing restaurants appear as well as disappear this one stays. Its the best!

Excellent paella and gambas at a fair price (your get to go and get seconds of paella for free!!) and if you go there keep a look out for the hunkiest waiter in town….. he works there and goes by the name of Alex. he’s reallly friendly and speaks quite good english.

go check him out.. o euhm sorry I mean the restaurant.’
An every-year-visitor

122_ayo5 122_ayo3

 Ayo, Nerja

  1. The place to experience authentic Paella. Just watching the staff working on those hot pans for hours on end is amazing. These guys know their stuff!! Reasonably priced meals which will fill you up all day long.

    • je suis 1 perqonne qui a ete pendant des année a nerja chez ayo j’avais 15 ans j’y suis aller jusqu’a mes 30 c’etait vraiment tipique,je n’y suis plus jamais aller le cour de la vie a fait que ….
      mais en voyant toute ces photos et la video je vois que ayo est rester le type vraiment tipique de la paella
      bravo et merci pour ces beau souvenir

  2. Big All says:

    Great place on the beach. In the weekends all the Spanish family’s go there to have some paella, a drink an a good time. The atmosphere is great and the staff is fast, friendly and always willing to help you out. The are famous for there paella. A plate will cost you € 6,- and you can go for a second portion to the paella “bar”. To be honest, it was not the best paella I have ever eaten but ad up the experience and you have a great lunch or dinner.

  3. Not the best Paella I have ever had despite all the rumours. Lots of dry rice with a bit of chicken??

  4. Dr Geoff says:

    We have been going to Ayo’s since 2000. It’s always consistent great paella. Don’t miss out on the lamb from the barbecue- it’s fantastic. A truly great place to spend a long lunch, particularly week-ends when the Spanish families go for a good time. Excellent value for money, great food, friendly efficient staff, and a great atmosphere.

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