Paco Mari
Calle Gloria 4
Town: Nerja
Tel: (0034) 95 252 01 38

Paco Mari Paco Mari, Nerja

Popular bar and restaurant in the centre of town. Large, enclosed patio/terrace area.

  1. Sharon & Sterl says:

    Each time we have been here the food has been very good. We have eaten from the A La Carte menu and also from the Specials menu.

    The difference in the level of service is very noticeable dependant upon your choice of menu.

    A La Carte menu, very attentive service.

    Special Menu, the waiters become surly, and indifferent, to the extent we were within a few minutes of walking out after waiting about 45 minutes for our starters, while watching later arriving diners ordering from the A La Carte being served before us.

    They have a 8% standard service charge that is added automatically to your bill, which should entitle all diners to good service regardless of which menu you order from.

    Would we go back again ? Yes, but only ordering from the A La Carte menu.

  2. Peter Thomas says:

    We looked at it from the outside,very clean and attractive courtyard restaurant,good sounding set meal; There were six of us to feed.
    We were so disappointed the quality of food and service was not at all what we had hoped for,none of us finished our meal and we were not alone,the couple behind us ordered paella and left most of it; It may just have been a bad night but we will not be going back to find out!!!!!

  3. Big All says:

    You can have lunch/dinner outside on the patio or in the restaurant. Price of the menu is reasonable ( € 10 – € 15). Staff does not give you a welcome feeling, they just do there job. Food is standard, nothing special in taste or presentation. Just a place to eat.

  4. sue Footitt(daughter of sylvia lyth) says:

    please could we have your email address so mum can get in touch
    she has visited for nearly 30 years and alway had great service and food

    • have you tried they have a contact page

      Are you sure it is the same place though, you mention great service and food. After having been there I have not encountered either at this place.

  5. Mel Warner says:

    Our visit to this restaurant was disappointing this year. The staff are under pressure and create a stressful atmosphere, deep sighing etc.!! Food was ok, nothing special! Didn’t return again.

    • You are in good company Richard – I see David Camerons hairdresser, Lino Carbosiero, now has an MBE…..

  6. mark lees says:

    Heard about this fine,excellent value for money restaurant from friends,they were so right.Great food,Superb friendly,efficient service at a very reasonable price.It’s hard to believe that it’s possible to get a high-quality 3 course meal for under €10 these days,but at Paco Mari you really can!!!I do not hesitate to recommend this fine eating establishment to anyone looking for good food,great service at a very reasonable price.

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