Rey Alfonso
Balcón de Europa
29780 Nerja
Tel: 95 252 09 58

Rey Alfonso

Magnificent setting for a restaurant, right under the Balcón de Europa. Magnificent views while you dine.

Open Monday to Saturday 12:30 – 23:00

  1. Michael Mc nerney says:

    Im coming from Ireland to get married on October 24th in El Salvador church NERJA, and would like to organise something like a BBQ for Monday 25th at around 3pm for my guests..Approx 50. Can you offer anything suitable?

  2. Holly Smith says:

    please could you e-mail me a christmas day menu, and costings as we are interested in booking a table for 4 people.

    Thank you
    Holly Smith

  3. Pamela Crofts says:

    Hi, We are coming to Nerja to celebrate New Years Eve and we were wondering if you would be open on New Years Eve 2016 as we have eaten in the restaurante every time we come to visit Nerja in the day time, so we like to experience the atmosphere at night in your restaurante. Especially on New Years Eve.

  4. Anette Hansson says:

    Is it possible to have a table for two persons in new years eve in your retaurant?

  5. Brittmarie says:

    Hello! Is it possible to book for two people at new year 2016, 31 december?
    Best regards

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