Avenida Castilla Perez
29780 Nerja

TapeArte, Nerja

TapeArte, located towards the bottom of avenida Castilla Perez, opened in August 2014.

It is a very large bar on two levels with a small terrace at the rear. The tapas, free with a drink, are very well presented and delicious.

There are also numerous offers, such as bottle of wine + X tapas, paella etc. The bar has gained a good reputation and has become quite popular.

  1. Shirley says:

    We have visited numerous times since they opened. The tapas are excellent and the service is very good. They offer a different tapas menu each week of the month for variety.

      • Brian says:

        In my humble opinion the quality and presentation of the tapas and the larger than normal size beer justify the extra 50 cents or so

        • Harry says:

          I agree. lived out in Nerja for 6 months and used Tapa Arte a lot. Great service, large portions, nice environment. So you expect to pay a little more. Definitely worth the visit.

          • robert says:

            We have been using Tapearte since it opened, the quality of the tapas which are given is superb. They’re changed on a 4 week rotation with some appearing each week. If you want good quality and quantity go here. Of course you could use other bars that if you are lucky you will only get a small plate of crisps.

  2. Geordie Geoff says:

    I avoided the place for a year or so ,after been told the price of e2.5, for a wine and tapas.
    My loss, when we eventually started using the place we realised that the quality and size of the tapas were far above the standards set elsewhere. Now we are regular visitors when hungry and wanting to lunch on a couple of good size portions. GG

  3. Shirley says:

    During our last visit, we tried the chuleton – to die for! It was the best steak we have ever had, beautifully cooked and superb flavour.

  4. Sadly, this bar has now been closed down by the Ayuntamiento for excessive noise (it had a large music/video installation).

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