Lawns in Spain

Lawns in Spain is a new Gardening book by Greengrass. It is illustrated and full of humorous cartoons and anecdotes from comments made by the public.

According to the author:

There is a lot of talk about failed grass Lawns in Spain. Mostly by people that have tried, failed and given up. Read my new book “Lawns in Spain”. The basics are obvious and explained, see how possible it actually is – and it will save you money!

It is easy to read and the different aspects of lawn care are all together and grouped in chapters so you don’t have to read an entire website. e.g. Watering, Mowing, Fertilising etc.

At the back of the book is a Yearly Diary of lawn jobs and when to do them.

“It’s great reading and so many things I didn’t know” – Birkinshaw – Malaga
“I gave my copy to my gardener – I now have a beautiful lawn” – Henshaw – Cadiz
“I’m kicking myself – why oh why did I not see this before!” – Sands – Javea

You can find more details about the book and how to order it here.