Edificio Almirante

Edificio Almirante

Edificio Almirante is a small block of apartments with entrances on two streets, avenida de Pescia and calle Cristo. It is almost opposite the BP garage at the top end of town, just past Plaza Cantarero (Orange Square).

Plenty of bars, restaurants and shops in the immediate vicinity, including some of the best tapas bars in town, such as Los Cuñaos, El Cangrejo and Chispa’s to name but a few.

See the Nerja Bars and Restaurants for more details on these bars, well worth finding!

In Pasaje Cantarero you will find the cafe El Pasaje and some great churros!

The centre of town, the Balcón de Europa, is a ten to fifteen minute walk, downhill all the way. Just follow calle Cristo all the way to the bottom.

Although pretty much equidistant from several beaches, if you are walking then Calahonda or El Salon, at the Balcón de Europa, would probably be the easiest and best bet.


[googlemap lat=”36.75193442362919″ lng=”-3.8759636878967285″ width=”600px” height=”400px” zoom=”16″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]Edificio Almirante[/googlemap]

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