Verano Azul

Verano Azul

The Verano Azul complex is an enclosed, compact development conveniently situated just off the main road, avenida de Pescia, only 500 metres from Burriana beach and 1.5 km from the town centre.

The complex is a maze of pathways through tropical gardens and boasts two communal pools as well as a rooftop plunge pool. The restaurant operates a dress code.

Being enclosed, no cars and with garden areas, an excellent location for families with small children.

There are plenty of shops within a short walking distance, including supermarkets and a mini-market.

The walk down to Burriana beach takes about 10 minutes, longer on the return journey as the road is quite steep!

[googlemap lat=”36.75621526361753″ lng=”-3.8727235794067383″ width=”600px” height=”400px” zoom=”14″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]Verano Azul Apartments[/googlemap]

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