Spain calls for a ban on alcohol sales at airports and on flights

ban on alcohol sales at airports

If you are off to Spain on holiday you may have to wait until you get there in order to have a drink. Fed up with having to deal with drunken passengers Spanish authorities are calling for a ban on the sale of alcohol at airports and on flights. Leaders in the tourism industry say that “courage and ambition” are …

Airports in Spain face possible shutdown

Malaga airport visitor numbers increase during Brexit concerns

Airports across Spain could come to a standstill in August after union leaders announced more than 60,000 baggage-handlers and other airport staff were prepared to strike.   The announcement comes after more than two years of failed negotiations over pay, working hours, breaks and overtime between the unions and airport authorities. Labour mediation agency SIMA has now been brought in …

Barcelona is now Spain’s busiest airport

A report by the European International Airports Council shows that Madrid-Barajas suffered the biggest fall in passenger numbers among airports of a comparable size (over 25 million visits a year) during August, a drop of 11.7% compared with the same month last year.

No wonder there are queues

Delays of up to two hours continued yesterday. Furious passengers at Terminal 5, which is mostly for British Airways passengers, found only one immigration desk was manned for non-EU passport holders wishing to enter the country. Under a (ludicrous) Whitehall blueprint, it is suggested that airlines would in future pay higher landing fees to help sort out border chaos (and …

More air traffic control privatisation

Following the announcement of the partial privatisation of Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat airports, the government has opened the way for more airports to become privately managed, another 13 in total.

Málaga airport could be candidate for privatisation

Under new Government plans to sell off the family jewels to finance their inept handling of the economy, there is a possibility that Málaga airport, the gateway to Andalucia, could be a future target for privatisation after Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat.

UK airport news

Severe disruption at Gatwick Airport where the runways are closed until at least 0600 GMT on Thursday due to heavy snowfalls. Edinburgh Airport is also closed until at least Thursday morning. Guernsey Airport, Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster and Durham Tees Valley Airport are also closed and other airports are witnessing delays and disruptions to services. Passengers are advised to …

Scary Airways

Strange, weird or scary would not necessarily be the description you wanted to hear if you were about to jet off somewhere, but some of these airports really do fit the bill…The World’s Strangest, Weirdest and Scariest Airports…