Spain calls for a ban on alcohol sales at airports and on flights

ban on alcohol sales at airports

If you are off to Spain on holiday you may have to wait until you get there in order to have a drink. Fed up with having to deal with drunken passengers Spanish authorities are calling for a ban on the sale of alcohol at airports and on flights. Leaders in the tourism industry say that “courage and ambition” are …

Naked moped rider apprehended

At around 08:20 on Sunday several people reported a man driving a moped along the A-375 between Utrera and Puerto Serrano under the influence of alcohol and totally naked.

Tobacco and alcohol taxes to go up on Sunday

The special tax increase on alcohol and tobacco comes into force on Sunday, with the price of cigarettes expected to rise on average by €0.15 per packet. Rolling tobacco is likely to rise by even more.

Tax increases on alcohol and tobacco

The Council of Ministers is expected to approve a special tax increase on alcohol and tobacco during today’s meeting as well as outline spending limits for 2014, support and encourage entrepreneurship, approve electronic invoicing and provide yet more funds for local authorities to pay outstanding debts to suppliers.

Young people and alcohol

The Department of Youth has organised a conference for families on the subject of young people and alcohol consumption.

Driver caught at three alcohol checkpoints

During the recent weekend of increased activity relating to drinking and driving, one driver was stopped on three separate occasions and each time was over the limit.

Still trying to prove his point

According to a study published in the medical journal the Lancet, alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack. The report is written by Dr King, Dr Lawrence Phillips and Professor David Nutt, the latter being the former UK chief drugs adviser sacked by the government in October 2009.