Andalucia Day 2013

The institutional events for Andalucia Day, February 28th, will once again take place in Plaza de Andalucia in the Barriada de los Protegidos. The plaza is home to the bust of Blas Infante, considered the ‘father of Andalucian autonomy’.

Andalucia day official acts

The Barriada de las Protegidas – the area around Plaza de Andalucia – will once again be the focus of official Andalucia Day celebrations tomorrow, Tuesday February 28th.

XXIV Dia del Pedal

Tuesday February 28th is the XXIV Dia del Pedal – Day of the Bicycle, coinciding with Andalucia Day.

Open Day at the Andalucian Parliament

As part of the Andalucia Day celebrations, the Andalucian Parliament is open to the public from 11:00 to 19:00 today, with the guided tours allowing visitors to see some of the rooms, such as the VIP Lounge, which cannot normally be seen on organised tours throughout the rest of the year.

Andalucia Day official events

For the second year, the official acts to commemorate Andalucia Day will be held in the Plaza de Andalucia.

Dia del Pedal 2011

Monday February 28th, Andalucia Day, will see the holding of the XXIII Dia del Pedal (Day of the Bicycle), starting and finishing at the Balcon de Europa.

Andalucia Day

Andalucía Day is a regional celebration which takes place on February 28th each year and commemorates the establishment of the autonomous region of Andalucía following a referendum held in 1980. Andalucia Day is a regional public holiday and each town has its own, and quite varied, celebrations. The flag of Andalucia, pictured left, can be seen proudly displayed all over …

Dia del Pedal 2010 in Nerja

February 28th is Andalucia Day and in Nerja, in addition to the official commemorative acts, it is also Dia del Pedal – Day of the Bicycle. It has become part of the local tradition and each year, the number of entrants is a new record. In 2009, around 1,600 people took part. In 2010, the number of entries was almost …

Andalucia Day

The newly renovated Plaza de Andalucia is to be the location of the official Andalucia Day acts on February 28th. At 11:30 on Sunday the Municipal Band will hold a concert followed by the hoisting of the flag of Andalucia next to the bust of Blas Infante, the father of Andalucian autonomy.

XXI Dia del Pedal

February 28th is Andalucía Day and also the 21st Day of the Bicycle. It all starts on the Balcòn de Europa at around 12:00 as usual.