Arrest in María Esther Jiménez Villegas murder case

A 17 year old local youth has been arrested in Arriate, Málaga province, in connection with the brutal murder of 13 year old María Esther Jiménez Villegas whose body was found on January 20th 2011.

Missing Arriate girl suffered violent death

An autopsy carried out on 13 year old María Esther Jiménez Villegas, the girl who went missing near Arriate on Wednesday evening and whose body was found on Thursday, has confirmed that her death was violent and that she had suffered a head injury.

Body of missing Arriate girl found

A body found last night near Arriate, Málaga province, has been confirmed as being that of 13 year old María Esther J. V. who had not been seen since Wednesday evening.

Search for missing gear near Arriate

Guardia Civil, Local Police and firemen have been searching the area around Arriate, Málaga province, for a thirteen year old girl who went missing on Wednesday evening.

Marijuana plantations in Arriate

Guardia Civil officers in Ronda have seized a total of 22 marijuana plants at three rural locations near the cemetery in Arriate. Three people have been arrested and charged with crimes against the public health.