Spanish court rules against Ryanair’s cabin baggage policy


Irish budget airline Ryanair his been dealt another blow in Spain over the low-cost airlines onboard baggage policy. Calling it “abusive and invalid” the court ruled that Ryanair’s onboard baggage policy would no longer be valid in Spain. The ruling came last Wednesday after a passenger complained about having to pay an additional 20€ to take a piece of 10-kilogram …

Baggage price hike on Ryanair

Ryanair has announced that it will be charging passengers more to check in luggage during the peak summer months, June to September, and at Christmas. The new rates apply as from today, Thursday December 15th, for all passengers checking in online or via telephone.

The great baggage disaster of 2011…

I was on the way to the departures area at Gatwick airport yesterday afternoon when all hell broke loose on one of the moving walkways up from the first to second floor.

Iberia to charge for baggage

FACUA, the consumer watchdog, has criticised plans by the national airline Iberia to start charging for checking in baggage as from October 20th.

A costly ‘No’

Airlines often manage to misplace baggage or, in some cases, cause damage and generally they end up paying out a bit of compensation. When Canadian musician Dave Carroll had his Taylor guitar damaged at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, he contacted United Airlines to ask for compensation. After a year of trying, United Airlines finally refused his claims. So, being a songwriter, …